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May 1, 2013 • News

ContourROAM2 Action Camera Is Built for Life in Motion

ContourROAM2 Action Camera

Is this you on the weekends? If so, then you need a ContourROAM2 Action Camera!

Perry recently wrote up an awesome action camera that allows you to shoot video in two different directions at once. The Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon is a neat idea that lets, for example, not only see where you are going but also shows you the slow-pokes behind you on the ski slope or in the bike race. (Check out the review here.) The camera Perry wrote about is only one of a growing number of action cameras that offer quality, durability and great features. We received word of another one yesterday and it looks quite interesting.

ContourROAM2 Action Camera

The ContourROAM2 action camera gives you hands-free point of view video. It has what the company describes as attractive pricing and vibrant color choices. Under $200, the camera offers a locking instant on record switch that lets you use the camera on the go with these. It shoots in four different HD modes including a 1080 P and 720 P at 60 frames per second.

ContourROAM2 Action Camera

The camera is built for use in the real world. It’s waterproof up to 1 m without any extra case and that means it is also dust and bump-proof. And since this camera is designed to be used on the go it works with Contour’s extensive collection of mounts.

The camera looks great and the video it shoots is pretty impressive. Here’s one example from the company.

As the company notes, “From gadget geeks to avid cyclists or surfers, everyone on your gift list this season will be sure to enjoy this must-have adventure accessory.” We’ve got one on the way for review, and I’m rather excited about that; we look forward to digging further into the details of its features and, of course, using it in a variety of settings. You can learn more about the ContourROAM2 action camera here on the product page, and you can order it here through our Amazon Affiliate Store.


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