Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone Music Controls – Little Features Make a Big Difference

Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone Music Controls

I am really loving my new Lumia 928. Now that I am past the initial phase of learning Windows Phone and adjusting to a larger phone, I am starting to notice little ways that Windows Phone 8 makes life easier. The biggest standout for me, above and beyond any other, is how it handles music controls.

Every morning and evening I stream Pandora on my way home from work. On the iPhone, it was easy to flip to a different song by just double clicking the home button and pulling up the music controls while the iPhone was locked. I could also double-click the home button while using the iPhone and pull to the left to access music that way as well.

But Windows Phone puts those options to shame.

If I am playing music, the controls automatically stay on the lockscreen. One tap of the power button, and I can pause or fast forward easily. It’s very minor, but taking away the extra step of double clicking is a nice benefit. Even better, it is easy to start Pandora from anywhere on the phone by tapping the volume down key. Unlike iOS, Windows Phone remembers that Pandora was the last music app I used, and whether it is while I am using the phone or from the lock screen, I can easily launch Pandora.

But what really impresses me is what happens when I hit my 6-skips-in-one-hour limit. As soon as I hit the last skipped song, the forward button grayed out for me. Again, this is super minor, but the fact that the integration with the music app went deep enough to know that I couldn’t skip any more tracks makes it that much easier to use it on the go.

What’s your favorite “this makes life so much easier” feature of your smartphone?

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  1. >It’s very minor, but taking away the extra step of double clicking is a nice benefit.

    I suppose it’s too late, but double-clicking to pull up the music controls works even if the screen is off; you don’t need to hit the power button first. But I guess it’s still one extra click 😀

    >Unlike iOS, Windows Phone remembers that Pandora was the last music app I used

    I think iOS’s aggressive memory management is to blame for this one. If the app didn’t get auto-killed, I find that I can start up the app via the music controls without any problems even after I’ve paused it for a while.

    • I always use headphone controls, so that’s even easier – no lock screen required. Does windows phone support iPhone earbud style inline controls? I know anyone of my android phones have – very frustrating.

      I’ve also found that on both my iPod touch and ipad that the last used music app is always remembered. Of course, I don’t have many music apps – just the stock, downcast and pandora…

      • The Microsoft Store has a couple pair of headphones with in-line controls, and I know Nokia and HTC both make remote-endowed headphones for their WPs.

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