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June 23, 2013 • Health and Fitness, Reviews

First Impressions of the Merrell Vapor Glove Minimal Running Shoes

 Merrell Vapor Glove

Merrell Vapor Glove

Carly did a great job reviewing Merrell’s philosophy of running shoes and some of their line-up earlier this year. This week the company sent me a pair of their most recent addition – the minimalist Vapor Glove. These are Merrell’s lightest shoes at a specified 5 oz per shoe (my scale in the video has them at 6oz … I blame the lousy scale), and have an ultra-light, breathable barefoot construction that puts barely anything between you and the ground.

I decided to do a quick hands-on video while in the midst of my first run using the shoes – these are the most comfortable running shoes I have ever put on. They are not for everyone, as I note in the video – with minimal cushioning and zero-drop they can lead to pain and injury if you have not already been working towards minimal shoes. But if you have … you simply MUST check these out!

Here is my first video look at the shoes:

Here is the Merrell product page for the Vapor Glove, where you can buy them direct for $80!

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