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July 19, 2013 • News

Snow Lizard Introduces the Rugged, Waterproof and Battery-Boosting SLXtreme for iPhone 5 and iPad

Snow Lizard slxtreme 5

Snow Lizard slxtreme 5

For most, precious few moments are spent enjoying the pristine thin beauty of a new iPhone before stuffing it in a case. That was part of the deal when we got the phones for our kids – always in a case. And one great thing about the iPhone is that innovative case-makers have an amazing array of products. With ski season approaching, I was thrilled to see the new SLXtreme series launched for the iPhone 5 and iPad.

Why specifically ski season? Our younger son is on the ski team, which means bus rides, cold temperatures and long days. And ultimately, a dead phone – unless we provide an external battery. So something that integrates that battery with a case ready to handle the challenges of a day on the slopes is very interesting!

The company notes:

“iOS devices are fantastic but too delicate to withstand outdoor environments,” says Steve Calle, CEO and Co-founder of Snow Lizard Products. “With SLXtreme products, people can now hike, ski, camp, lounge and play longer with power and protection that outlives their adventures.”

Here are some of the features:
– Solar powered (iPhone version)
– Integrated 2550 mAh battery (11,500 mAh for iPad version)
– More than 2x iPhone battery life
– iPad case has USB out to charge other devices
– Waterproof to 2 meters (>6 feet)
– Rubberized case is extremely rugged
– Designed to military specifications rated 810G and IP-68
– Case allows for calls, video, photos, audio and charging


The SLXtreme 5 for iPhone 5 will be available in Night Black, Signal Orange, Safety Yellow, and Coyote Tan starting Fall 2013 for $129.99.

The SLXtreme for iPad will be available in Orange, Black, Yellow, Urban Camo, Real Tree Camo and Tan in Fall 2013 for $149.99 (with battery) and $99.99 (without battery).

You can get more detail on these and Snow Lizard’s other products on their web site!. Also, the new additions to the SLXtreme collection will debut at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (Booth PV831)

Here is a video of the original in action:

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