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July 23, 2013 • News

ContourRoam2 Action Cam – Reviewed and Still Used

Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 3 20 41 PM

We’ve reviewed a number of action cameras here on the site over the past year or so, and the one that rose to the top for me was the ContourRoam2 Action Camera. The Roam2 is simple to use. In fact, it is so simple that I actually had to read the manual to figure out just how to start the recording process. It turns out simply powering it on is all you need to do. (Read the original review.) Add in the fact that the ContourRoam2 is waterproof and is less than $200, and you have an action camera that is worth checking out. I liked it so much during the review period that I bought a headband to I could wear the camera and get POV videos. Sure it looks completely and totally dorky, but the videos it creates are pretty cool.

I first tried to use the camera to shoot video right before Stacey and Perry’s wedding. In fact, Perry’s dad Wayne, an amazingly awesome and cool guy, was willing to wear the camera during the rehearsal walkthrough and before we signed all the religious and legal documents. Unfortunately, that video turned out a bit dark. Today I used it to go zip lining here at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort where I’ll be spending the next two days checking out the 2014 Toyota Tundra.

Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 3 43 28 PM

I’m glad I had the camera because it captured the fun, albeit quick, trip down the line. (I also used it to capture some bowling Paul Strauss of The Awesomer and Technabob did after the zip line, but our scores were nothing worth sharing…)

Check out the video and, if you are interested in grabbing a ContourRoam2 Action Camera you can pick it up here through our Amazon Affiliate Store.

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  1. I love it – it is worth looking like a dork to be able to grab video like this!

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