Sweat Machine from UNICEF Turns Perspiration into Drinking Water

Sweat Machine Turns Perspiration into Drinking Water

Sweat Machine Turns Perspiration into Drinking Water

I have never had a problem perspiring – and given that I am also a distance runner who doesn’t shy away from the heat and humidity, and you have the recipe for some drenched workout clothes! All of my Dri-Fit stuff is still wet after several hours! Imagine if there was a way to harness all of that perspiration and convert it back to drinking water?

Well, there is, and it is called simply the Sweat Machine and it is part of a UNICEF campaign to raise awareness for the 750 million people around the world without access to clean drinking water.

Here is a video showing the making of the Sweat Machine:

According to the makers:

The device first spins and heats clothing to remove sweat. Next it takes the vapour extracted from the material and passes it through a membrane that only allows water molecules through.

“There are many different techniques to extract and purify water,” said Hammar. “The technical challenge was to build the sweat machine like in the space travel industry, where every filthy water drop whether it’s cooling water, urine or just sweat, is invaluable. It is hard to believe, but the water extracted from the machine is actually cleaner than ordinary Swedish tap water.”

As noted, this is a demonstration unit intended to show off how water could be extracted and purified from something like sweat, and how much of a problem the lack of water is for many in the world. “Our Sweat Machine is a reminder that we all share the same water. We all drink and sweat in the same way, regardless of how we look or what language we speak. Water is everyone’s responsibility and concern.”

And here is a reminder that even at 4AM, water production does not seem to be a problem for me.

Sweaty AM HaKy Run

Sweaty AM HaKy Run

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