Use JustDelete.Me to Disconnect Yourself Totally from the Internet

Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me

Have you ever thought – what would it take for me to completely delete my online presence? Over at Wired they just highlighted a new site called ‘JustDelete.Me’. The site, pictured above, places ‘delete my account’ direct links for popular sites in one easy to use array. Just click and you are gone – simple and painless.

I remember years ago signing up for an ‘AOL over broadband’ account to check it out when they had free trials (already had a ISP when AOL originally arrived), and recall how hard it was to cancel the account. It was clear they were actively discouraging people from leaving. The same is true with other online services – most particularly true when they have subscription fees – and so the idea of having someone collect up these direct links sounds awesome.

And as noted in the article, if you need to take extra steps to erase all of your tracks – like Netflix – JustDelete.Me provides links to help and contact pages to make things much easier.

I am sure there are some who would say ‘this is useless, I can just hit each site myself’. Which is true – except that drilling through to these links would take considerable time across all of these sites. The developer, Robb Lewis, also put the source code up at Github to ensure that the project can live on regardless of whether he can keep it going.

Head to JustDelete.Me for more details!

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