Custom Video Game Covers Class Up Your Video Game Library

video_game_book_covers_1I can’t imagine I’m the only guy who’s video game library outnumbers his actual book library 2-to-1.  I also can’t imagine I’m the only guy who’s wife would prefer he keep his video game library downstairs, out of sight.  For $6, you get 3 custom video game covers from Etsy.  Now my video games can look like a librarian’s paradise!

In exchange for your $6 JamesBit will provide you with a PDF of your customized video game covers for you to print out at home.  If you have a ton of disks that need new, classier covers, he will drop the price down to $1.49 each.  I know this would definitely make my video game collection that much nicer looking.  Although JamesBit is sold out at the moment, he has new designs coming, so stay tuned!

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  1. Love it! Looks like a classic literature section – Portal 2 definitely qualifies as a modern classic video game. I keep mine in those big envelope cases in the cabinet under our TV (of all the snafus, broken zippers, etc. I’ve found Sentry brand is definitely the best).