Overdose Death from Coffee is More Likely Than Dying from Marijuana

Coffee Bean Overdose More Likely Than Marijuana Overdose

Coffee Bean Overdose More Likely Than Marijuana Overdose

In 2010 nearly 40,000 people died from overdoses, which is more than either car accidents or gun deaths. Of those, more than 75% were accidental and about 60% of them were related to prescription drugs. An additional 26,000 people died of alcohol-induced causes. But one drug you won’t find on the list of overdose deaths? Marijuana.

In fact, you can look at some of the bizarre things people overdosed on – such as Monster energy drink, No-Doz caffeine pills, aspirin, Tylenol and Advil, and even near-death overdoses of soy sauce and brussel sprouts! Most overdoses come from prescription painkillers, but others also come from illegal drugs such as heroine and cocaine. Marijuana is generally linked with these in the ‘war on drugs’ for various valid and invalid reasons, while the highly profitable alcohol industry is kept separate.

But it is important to keep in mind that as noted at Huffington Post, there were ZERO overdoses reported from marijuana … ever.

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