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January 23, 2014 • Gear Bits

Schlitterbahn’s Verruckt – Would You Ride a 17 Story Waterslide?

I love roller coasters, but have never been as enthused about waterslides. There’s something comforting (false or not) about being securely strapped in, as opposed to a thin bathing suit being my only protection against plummeting straight down. Needless to say, I won’tt be riding the Verrückt at Schlitterbahn Kansas City … will you? Watch the video and share below!

Verrückt in Kansas City from Schlitterbahn Waterparks on Vimeo.


Via Roadtrippin’


16 Responses to " Schlitterbahn’s Verruckt – Would You Ride a 17 Story Waterslide? "

  1. dancohen says:

    Watched the video. My anxiety went through the roof. Short answer- NO.

    • Carly Z says:

      Lol! Agreed!

      I also worry that the slide doesn’t look deep enough for the speeds…I would seriously fear flying off the side.
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      • dancohen says:

        When Judie, Elana, Kev and I went to Hoover Dam a couple of years ago I totally surprised myself when I freaked out walking across the dam. I knew I didn’t like heights but I had gone repelling in Israel and never expected to totally lose it like I did.

      • TMEhrlich says:

        Looks like Dan, Carly and Judie will have to watch everyone ride it! Speed doesn’t bother me, but heights destroy me!

  2. Perry B says:

    I would absolutely ride it…once it’s proven safe after a few years of ZERO accidents. Though I’m not sure how many times I’d want to ride it. Did you see how many stairs you’d have to climb???

  3. Wayne Schulz says:

    Not only would I not ride it – I would not climb the tower to even get to the place where you sit. Let’s hope they plan on putting some higher side rails on that…

  4. gorkon says:

    I’d try anything once…

  5. The video says ‘you and three friends’, so I assume there is some thing that you ride.

    Would I do it? HECK YEAH! Chris and I would do it … not sure if Danny or Lisa could even watch us!

  6. There is an Oatmeal cartoon that sums up exactly how I feel about this. Sorry for the middle fingers, but NOPE.

  7. Mike_Karr says:

    This is 20 minutes from my house, I’ll do it. For science.

  8. Mike Siebenaler says:

    Yes, with three other in this!

  9. Mike Siebenaler says: