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Even an Arachnophobe Will Love the Harman Sound Spider

I had a meeting at the Harman International flagship store in Manhattan yesterday. I arrived early, so I spent some time checking out the store. While there, I helped sell a pair of JBL S400BT wireless headphones, and I took a closer look at the Harman Sound Spider; it lets you listen to headphones before you buy.

The 9-legged Sound

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Felix CrossWay for iPhone 5S Is a Cross Between Case and Wallet

If you use an iPhone and are looking to travel light a phone case that doubles as a wallet may be just the thing. We’ve looked at numerous wallet-cases but the Felix CrossWay may be the thinnest, the lightest and the simplest yet. The company claimed the $29.99 accessory is “The world’s thinnest wallet case” and they may be right.

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Another Awesome Spring Giveaway from Gear Diary and Technabob

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Technabob to serve up another great package of prizes. This time out the giveaway contest focuses on helping you stay in touch when you are out and about. It includes an unlocked phone, headphones, an external battery and a car holder. The package is worth almost $250 and will go to one winner.

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2014 Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan

I have a favorite new sport sedan and its name is Chevy SS. This is Chevrolet’s first rear-drive performance sedan in nearly two decades and that last one had a nickname of “Shamu.” The Chevrolet SS sedan utilizes GM’s global rear-wheel-drive architecture that also underpins the Camaro but the new SS is more than merely a four-door Camaro, much

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Element Case Recon for Samsung Galaxy S5 Line Is on the Way

My Samsung Galaxy S5 is in route to me, and I’m a bit excited. I’m excited that Element Case is rolling out an entire line of cases for the Galaxy S5, AND they will work with existing mounts. Called the Recon, the cases are currently available for preorder; we’ve got a sneak peek at what is on the way.


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With Viper SmartKey, your iPhone is your car key

Your iPhone is Your Car Key With Viper SmartKey

These days, remote start and keyless entry systems for cars are pretty standard, whether they’re standard features offered by the manufacturer or dealer, or something added with aftermarket accessories. Viper has taken that convenience one step further. Their new SmartKey VSK100 allows your iOS smartphone to be your car key, no app launch or passcode entry required.
While the VSK100

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Chili’s is Now Serving Up. . . Tablets?

Like many other mid-level restaurants these days, Chili’s is attempting to redefine itself to avoid becoming almost irrelevant–just witness what has happened to Olive Garden and Red Lobster in the last year. With remodeled restaurants, plenty of fresh new menu items, aggressive couponing and promotions, and now touchscreen tabletop kiosks, Chili’s is looking to engage tech-savvy customers and enhance sales.

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Google Wallet – Could It Be About the Paperless Receipt?

I requested a Google Wallet card recently.  As you may know, this is Google’s second major push to get you to adopt their payment service which now operates both through a card and your Android phone. The first attempt focused heavily on paying by phone (aka tap-to-pay). That failed due to not enough capable terminals and carriers blocking the feature. 

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I’m Ready for My Samsung Galaxy S5 and so is TYLT

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 was just released and mine is in transit. Hopefully it will be in my hands tomorrow. I’m excited to get it and I’m excited to see the new accessories TYLT just announced new accessories for the Galaxy S5. Among them are S5 versions of the company’s ENERGI Sliding Power Case and ALIN screen protector. Here’s

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Heartbleed Security Issue Prompts Password Change Notices

The Heartbleed Security Issue is here. I tried out the Leap Motion controller last year; it’s a “hands free” device (small box) the connects to Mac and PC computers with accompanying software where hand gestures look to replace the traditional computer mouse during interactions.
This service recently sent me the following notice regarding the Heartbleed Security Issue:

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CONTOUR POV Action Cameras Are Back!

I was a big fan of the CONTOUR ROAM2 Action Camera. It was simple to use, simple to mount and took great video. Sadly the company suddenly closed its doors last summer. I was bummed because I really do love using the review sample. Now the company has relaunched and is once again offering their great CONTOUR POV Action Cameras.

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Win One of Two X-Doria Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to start shipping. I have one and am excited to start using it. There are plenty of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones currently in use, and the various X-Doria Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases available offer a great way to stylishly protect your smartphone without breaking the bank. We have two to give away. Read on…

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With Facebook Messenger FB Introduces Next Gen SMS/MMS to the Carriers

Yesterday Facebook announced the conscious uncoupling of their messaging feature from its core app. Some exceptions exist – such as if you use Paper (both of you) or some third world variant of their app. However this announcement started me thinking. Disbanding Facebook Messenger from the Facebook app as a whole is a completely absolutely brilliant move. Here’s why.

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Screenshot 2014-04-09 14.24.52

Stay Safe with the Fellowes Shredder

This post brought to you by Fellowes, Inc. . All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your information arrives in the mail on a daily basis? Credit card statements, tax bills, and even solicitations contain small bits of vital personal information. Sadly, unscrupulous criminals are ready to steal that information and ultimately

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