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Clinton is a member of Mobius, a Microsoft MVP in Mobile Devices, and has been writing Windows-based mobile device reviews since 1999. Currently Clinton operates Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com! and HPC:Factor, the later being dedicated to the Handheld PC platform.

By day he is a System Engineering Manager for a leading Voice Over IP Call Center implementer and software company. When not at work or at play you can usually find Clinton watching the latest Formula One (go Kimi!) or MotoGP (go Nicky!) race on SpeedTV.

  • Making a bootable USB stick to upgrade to Windows 7


    So you have Windows 7 and you are all fired up about installing it on your netbook. The problem is that your netbook doesn’t have a CD or DVD player built in which means that DVD media that Windows 7 comes on is pretty much a coaster. You can solve the problem by popping $80-90 bucks on an external drive,… Read More ›

  • Skooba Design Checkthrough Roller Feview

    Handle of the Skooba Checkthrough Roller Bag

    It is not a so-well-kept secret that I travel quite a bit for my day job. While 2009 has seen a slow down in travel for me, I still will easily make my American Airlines Platinum status for the 4th year in a row. As a reminder to everyone: Airline status is not something to be proud of. It means… Read More ›

  • Review of the Just Mobile CB-200 Cooling Bar for MacBooks

    Figure 1 - The Just Mobile Cooling Bar CB-200

    One of the challenges with any MacBook or notebook PC is cooling. While these devices are made to be a bit more heat tolerant than their desktop tower counterparts, they still can overheat which can cause damage or diminish performance. Getting air flowing through the cooling fans and vents on your MacBook or notebook is they key to avoiding potential… Read More ›

  • Spb Traveler 2.0 Review


    Editors Note: This review appears both here on Gear Diary and on Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com! As I have stated many times throughout my reviews here and at Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com!, I travel quite a bit for my “day job”. Just so everyone is clear: American Airlines Executive Platinum isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It means that… Read More ›

  • HTC Advantage X7510 Review Part 2


    In the first part of my review of the HTC Advantage X7510, I covered the physical hardware of this new device that resides somewhere between Handheld PCs and Ultra Mobile PCs. If you haven’t had a chance to read the first part of the review, you can do so here and then pick up this review afterward. In this part… Read More ›

  • The Ultimate Receipt Organizer? A Review of The Neat Receipts Scanner

    Neat Receipts Scanner

    I travel. A lot. While I’m sure that some of you reading this travel more than I, by then end of 2008 I fully expect to have covered well over 75,000 airline miles this year. The fact that I’m writing this review from the comfort of my townhome is, well, rare? Most of the reviews that I write both for… Read More ›

  • Celio’s REDFLY – The Ultimate Smartphone Extension Review Part 2

    My Today Screen on The REDFLY

    In part one of my review of Celio’s REDFLY, I covered the REDFLY’s physical attributes. For part two I will cover the functionality of the device. First, it is important to remember that the REDFLY will only work with Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6 Professional (PocketPC) and Standard (Smartphone) devices and currently only a small subset of the total number… Read More ›

  • Photo Viewing Made Easy – Review of iWindowsMobile EyePhoto


    With Windows Mobile devices coming with ever increasing quality of digital cameras built into them, the need for applications to view those photos in a quick and easy way has also increased. While the built-in Photos & Videos application of Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 does a reasonably good job, it still is somewhat stylus intensive. Fortunately the VITO Technology… Read More ›

  • Celio’s REDFLY – The Ultimate Smartphone Extension Review Part 1

    Figure 1:  The REDFLY Closed

    One of the challenges with using Windows Mobile devices, as with most mobile devices, is the size of the screen. It is great having Office Mobile on the latest and greatest device but doing a significant edit of a document on a 3.5″ QVGA screen is, well… fun? Granted, on bigger devices that have VGA screens, the HTC Advantage comes… Read More ›

  • HTC Advantage X7510 Review

    Advantage X7510 - Display on 42" HP HDTV

    When I first began my adventure into mobile technology, it started with Handheld PCs. H/PCs, as they are known, were made from the late 90s to 2003 by a variety of manufacturers, most notably NEC and Hewlett Packard. The devices were more-often-than-not a clamshell form factor, with a built-in keyboard and VGA or HVGA screens. They were powerful and business… Read More ›

  • The BeyzaCASES Universal Leather Case Review

    On the short list of accessories that Windows Mobile device owners need is a case. Cases not only protect your device but often put that device in a convenient and easy-to-access location (like your hip). In the not-to-distant past, most devices shipped with, at a minimum, a neoprene or vinyl slip case of some type. Unfortunately this has changed in… Read More ›

  • My First “Pocket” PC – A Tribute to Clinton Sr.

    [Judie’s note: This article is also currently running on Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com!, and it can be viewed in the original format (with even larger pictures) there. If you haven’t already checked out the many Windows Mobile software reviews on Clinton’s site, then be sure to visit soon.] If you read my biographical information on the Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com!… Read More ›

  • The nxZEN 5000 VoIP Bluetooth Headset Review

    I freely and openly admit that I have purposely avoided getting a Bluetooth headset.? It isn’t that I’m opposed to them (although I do find it funny at the airport when people forget to take them off and try to go through security!) it is just that I have never found one that I’ve been completely thrilled with.? Most of… Read More ›

  • The Vaja MiniSD x2 Case Review


    A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a Vaja case for my O2 XDA Atom.? As we often do, Judie and I were chatting online about?Vaja’s cases, and she described them as ?yummy? when it came to their deep leather scent.?I laughed this off, but after experiencing their case?s wonderful aroma for myself, I can tell you… Read More ›