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David has had a love of technology ever since he learned how to hack games on his Apple ][+. Although this passion of technology never surfaced into a job in a technology field, he still spends ~112% of his discretionary income on gadgets and technology. Although he is employed in the health industry, he primarily works for his children as a Provider of Sustenance and Entertainment.

  • Class Action suit filed against Apple, 5 other eBook Publishers


      As reported on, Hagens Berman, a Seattle-based law firm that specializes in  class-action suits involving antitrust and intellectual property, has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple and 5 other Publishers of eBooks alleging collusion of Apple and the 5 other named defendants to defeat Amazon’s attempt to sell eBooks at discount prices.  Here is an excerpt from… Read More ›

  • Plasticity and the Next Generation


    (Image courtesy of Wikipedia) While reading Carly’s post about eBooks and Children, I was reminded of a discussion I had with my parents about technology and the ease with which children learn to use new devices and, conversely, the relative difficulty of the older generation to learn to use the same devices.  One could fall back on the adage, “It’s hard… Read More ›