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  • Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale Taste Test


    Hello again! Kevin here with another Beer Diary taste. Last night I was drinking Balashi, Aruba’s national beer but before we left on vacation I picked out and drank a popular and widely available (including our regular grocery in San Angelo, TX)  brew from Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado to share. Did I mention The Great American Brew Festival that took place… Read More ›

  • Widmer Brothers Nelson Imperial IPA Review


    Hi. My name is Kevin, and I like beer…a lot! Other things I like: Judie (well, actually, I love her), my kids (I love them too), Otis (my dawg), fresh air, wide open spaces, rain and… did I mention? Beer! I developed a taste for the stuff (beer that is) during college. At the time, it probably wasn’t as much… Read More ›