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My obsession with computerised technology began in High School when the schools first computer, an Apple IIe, arrived. Since then I have remained in the computer telecommunications industry for the last 25 Years, with a small break working in a Deli, while I tried to find myself. Once I realised I hadn’t really gone anywhere, whew! I got my shtick together, got married and sensibly agreed to blow all our savings and move to another country. I lived in London, and a few Months on and off in L.A, for three years. This gave me a great appreciation for history, architecture, philosophy and public transport.

When my wife and I returned to Melbourne, Australia we discovered we had accrued more savings. Obviously we were not doing our part to contribute to National Debt so we bought some land and started building a house. Well designing it anyway, that lasted a while and then we got a new designer, finally construction started and should be finished around October of 2009. It would go a lot quicker if my wife and I could be cured of our Gadget obsession. By day I work full time for an Online Payment company and by night don my alter-ego as a mild mannered reporter.

  • Review: Tobias Batton’s Proto iPhone Game.


    What do you get for around a dollar?  A donut or some candies and change? Maybe a drink?  For around a dollar you won’t get much that lasts long.  Except maybe an iPhone app, and even that is not guaranteed to last very long or be useful.  Proto from Tobias Batton’s Game Studio costs around a dollar, and I think… Read More ›