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Carly has been a gadget fiend for a long time, going back to her first PDA (a Palm M100). She quickly went from researching what PDA to buy to following tech news closely and keeping up with the latest and greatest stuff. She loves writing about ebooks because they combine her two favorite activities; reading anything and everything, and talking about fun new tech toys. What could be better?

  • How Much Did My Local Library Membership Save Us This Summer?


    I just went through my Amazon account, and determined I’ve read 25+ books this summer for free. Some of them were older titles, like Gear Diary Book Club selections, while others were relatively new. Plus issues of Consumer Reports and Runner’s World, all for free thanks to the local library. But how much did we really save?

  • Amazon Prime Video Adds Offline Viewing for iOS and Android!


    Every time we take a road trip, Sarah and I have the same conversation: What movies/tv shows have we purchased for our son so he can be entertained on a long ride? We have a small library of shows and he’s usually pretty content to cycle through those. But we always lament that we can’t download from Amazon Prime…until now!

  • Google Surprises Everyone with Android Wear on iOS


    Do you use an iPhone but drool over the Moto 360? Or have you been eyeing up the beauty of the LG Urbane while staring forlornly at your 6+? Google has some good news for you: Android Wear is now available on iOS, though with some restrictions (both Google and Apple-related).

  • Screwpop Tools, Pliers, and Utility Knife-Everyday Items in Convenient Portable Form


    I love small multi-tools. You never know when you’ll need a tool on hand for a small job. Screwpop takes the multi-tool in a new direction, offering various focused tools in keyring form and tossing in a bottle opener for good measure. I looked at the Screwpop Tools Pliers and Utility Knife; are they worth space on your keyring?

  • Amazon Underground Aims to Deliver Truly Free Apps


    Amazon has revamped their App Store, and in place of the “Free App of the Day”, there’s a segment called “Amazon Underground“. Silly name aside, this category consists of 100% free apps-no upfront cost, and ZERO in-app purchases! Amazon is eating the costs associated with freemium apps to boost their app downloads, and it is working on me!

  • aLLreLi Dual USB Charger Review: Travel Ready USB Power


    If I’m not careful, the number of cables and chargers by my bedside table can quickly spin out of control. My power strip gets overstuffed, and the various charging cables start to twine together like some kind of electronic rat king. I’ve been working hard to keep things streamlined, and the aLLreLi Dual USB charger is a huge help!

  • ‘The Martian’ Is Setting a High Bar with Amazing Trailers


    There’s a slew of awesome science fiction movies coming out this fall, but “The Martian” looks to be one of the most interesting. The basic premise is that we send a mission to Mars, and in the course of an emergency one of the astronauts is left stranded on the surface, scrounging to survive while awaiting rescue in 4 years.

  • The Frogurt is Also Cursed, or, Why Smartphones Have Become Boring


    One of my favorite exchanges in “The Simpsons” comes from “Treehouse of Horror III”, where Homer goes to buy a doll for Bart and has an exchange about the tradeoffs (doll is good, but cursed, but comes with a free frogurt, also cursed). It seems like the same good/bad tradeoffs exist in smartphones these days as well!

  • Box Appetit Makes Packing Lunch Fun!


    I try to pack my lunch daily, in an effort to both save money and make sure my lunch is healthy. We also pack food all the time for my son with food allergies. So in my house, we appreciate a good lunchbox, and the black+blum Box Appetit has definitely met our high standards!

  • Gear Diary Book Club Round 2 Is … Ender’s Game!


    Hope you all enjoyed reading The Man in the High Castle! We’re sticking with sci-fi (and war, for that matter!) again, this time with Orson Scott Card’s classic Ender’s Game. Technically this is a young adult novel, but the themes, violence, and metaphors mean you get a very different experience reading it as an adult.

  • Why There is So Much Backlash Against the “Stonewall” Trailer


    Have you heard of the Stonewall Riots? Here’s a quick refresher: on June 28th, 1969, the police raided a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The patrons fought back, and this sparked the modern gay rights movement. Now there’s a movie coming, but along with the trailer came a well-justified backlash from within the LGBT community. 

  • Does HTC Have a Future?


    HTC is not doing well. Their stock is trading badly right now, and their reputation as a top-tier smartphone company is under a great deal of pressure. The HTC One M9 landed with a whimper rather than a bang, and they had to delay their Grip fitness band. So does HTC have a future?

  • Man in the High Castle Discussion-Gear Diary Book Club!


    We hope you all enjoyed reading The Man in the High Castle as much as we did. Here are a few takes on our thoughts, and please add yours to the discussion below!

  • Google Restructures, Reinvents and Renames Themselves


    Once, I debated the future of Microsoft with my father. He pointed out they had a lot of great ideas, but they were so big any changes were like turning around a battleship in a bathtub. I can’t help but think that was on Google’s mind when they announced their new restructuring, though nothing explains why they renamed themselves “Alphabet”.

  • Adidas Buys Runtastic As Consolidation in Fitness Apps Continues


    Everyone wants a piece of the quantified fitness universe. Fitbit may be the leader, but there’s room for several companies in the space looking to help you track your data, from how often you move to how much you eat and sleep. Runtastic has built up quite the portfolio of apps and devices, and now they belong to Adidas!  

  • Study Confirms the Best Way to Shop for Running Shoes Is Common Sense


    I remember the one and only time I had a running store fit me for shoes. The clerk had me run on a treadmill barefoot,visibly recoiled at how flat my feet were, and told me I needed hardcore stability-style running shoes. I believed him, until I ran a few miles and my knee screamed in pain. 

  • I Played Angry Birds 2 So You Don’t Have To!


    I confess, I have a soft spot for Angry Birds. It’s an easy game to play, and I find it works well as a “time killer” type app. Usually at any given time I have one or two variations on my phone or tablet for casual play. So I do genuinely like the games, and I hate Angry Birds 2.

  • SUPER WHY for Android Gets Little Ones to Love Reading!


    We try not to let my son have an excess amount of television or tablet time, but as he has become a toddler it has become harder to ban them outright. He knows our phones and tablets have games and videos, so we’ve slowly started adding more toddler-friendly educational games. His favorite and mine is SUPER WHY!, based on the… Read More ›

  • The Best Feature of My Original Pebble

    Pebble Watch - Color Series Matte Black 4

    We’ve hit a point in technology where everything needs to be charged. When I go to bed I do a rundown of my needs — phone plugged in, iPad plugged in, Kindle Fire (son’s “games and videos tablet”) plugged in, etc. Heck, I even have a hat that needs to be charged sometimes! The madness never ends, and the other… Read More ›

  • Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoes in Aurora Colorway: Shocking Colors, and Shockingly Fun to Wear!


    Running shoes can be a controversial subject. Ask ten runners, and you’re likely to get twenty opinions on what constitutes a good shoe. I’ve gravitated towards very minimal shoes the last few years, so I was unsure how running in the Brooks Glycerin 13 shoes would feel by comparison. Surprisingly, the shoe itself proved less controversial than the colors!

  • Motorola Unveils New Moto X Style and Play Editions, Plus a New Moto G!

    Moto 2015 Family Portrait[1]

    Motorola has been having a busy morning. They’re updating their flagship Moto X with not one but two new devices, plus their budget Moto G is getting a boost as well! All three phones are going to be available via Moto Maker, so your phone will be uniquely yours. The question is, which one to buy?