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  • Free-to-Pay, a Revolution in Game Sales & Player Investment


    The era of the sixty-dollar shooter desperately needs an end. Modern game distribution exists in a broken system. As a recent Gamasutra article has detailed, recent NPD data shows a noticeable decline in both hardware and software sales. The Wii U, the first next-gen console to hit the market, has shown us a dreadful, if not silent, first three months…. Read More ›

  • Anodyne Game Review: Psychic Chasms


    Deep within the murky depths of alternative medicine lies the field of dream interpretation, the discipline of assigning poignant meaning to our subconscious, slumbering thoughts. Not only do professionals exist in this area, they claim grounding in Freudian psychology. A main tenet held by such specialists (as verified on LinkedIn), is that dreams, while often confusing and disparate, hold coherent… Read More ›

  • Indie Game Anodyne Will Satisfy Your Old-School Zelda Nostalgia

    Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.30.21 AM

    Anodyne, a new downloadable title, is the closest you’ll to come to playing an SNES-era sequel to A Link To The Past. The game was developed by a team of just two developers, and (not to spoil the full review) is pretty damn good. At its core, the title stands as a magnificent tribute to Nintendo’s flagship adventure series. If… Read More ›

  • ‘The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series’ Review


    Ever since winning Spike TV’s 2012 Game Of The Year award, Telltale Games has been topping yearly ‘best of’ lists like crazy. Yet, with all the press, there’s still a fundamental question to be answered: what’s so good about the new Walking Dead game series? It’s just a tie-in, right? How can a licensed, downloadable title be anything more than… Read More ›

  • Indie Project ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ Brings Magical Realism To Games


    Indie developer Cardboard Computer has just released ACT I of their IGF-nominated  five-part game series. Entitled ‘Kentucky Route Zero,’ the work is being described as a ‘magical realist adventure game.’ The project was awarded finalist status at the Independent Games Festival, and looks to become a promising piece of modern art. As far as gameplay is concerned, players will be… Read More ›

  • Adobe Creative Suite – Subscription vs. Retail


    If you work in a creative industry, chances are you use software programs from Adobe’s extensive creative suite. The issue, of course, is that these applications are insanely expensive. Interested in image-manipulation through Photoshop CS6? MSRP will cost you $700 for that program alone. You can grab it off Amazon right now for $560, but that’s not exactly a bargain…. Read More ›

  • CES: Stay Connected With ConnecteDevice’s COOKOO Watch


    ConnecteDevice Ltd, an unpronounceable global tech company, has just announced the worldwide launch of its COOKOO™ connected watches. These designer devices combine standard analog movement with a connected digital display to keep people updated to the happenings on their iOS smartphones. Incoming and missed calls, Facebook notifications, calendar reminder, and more can be mapped to the watch and displayed digitally…. Read More ›

  • IBM’s Watson Is Tech You Should Know About

    Watson competing on 'Jeopardy!'

    If you’ve ever worried about having your job replaced by a machine, I’ve got some distressing news for you. IBM, a US tech and consulting firm, has produced a powerful artificial intelligence system as their latest creation. Known for their innovations in the world of technology, IBM has already invented a slew of modern conveniences, including the ATM, hard disk… Read More ›

  • Augmented Reality is Tech You Should Know About


    Anyone who refers to Augmented Reality as a ‘new’ technology hasn’t done their research. The past twenty years have been littered with entertainment gimmicks that loosely use the technology. That being said, modern innovations are providing the framework with which to more fully integrate this type of tech into our daily lives. While creations bordering on the concepts of augmented… Read More ›

  • Google’s Project Glass is Tech You Should Know About


    What does ‘Augmented Reality‘ mean to you? It’s been a huge buzzword in certain tech circles this year, but what’s the big deal? If you’re like me, the negative associations are endless. You remember laser tag. You remember watching those awful 3D films with the red/blue lenses when you were little. Maybe you even remember Nintendo’s Virtual Boy console from… Read More ›

  • Video Game Soundtrack Nominated for Grammy Award


    Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. That’s the nomination that was just received by Austin Wintory, the composer for Thatgamecompany’s excellent PS3 game Journey. Let me be clear, this is history being made, as this represents the first time that a video game soundtrack has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award. While the aforementioned category is usually reserved for film… Read More ›

  • Are Video Games Art? MoMA Answers with New Exhibit

    Katamari Damacy (2004)

    It’s the question everyone’s asking nowadays: can video games be considered art? Should they be? While it’s been over two years since film-critic Roger Ebert blew up the debate with his now-famous commentary, the fight rages on. This time, it’s New York’s Museum of Modern Art that’s taking a side. In the past, curators and critics alike have been hesitant… Read More ›

  • New Sleek, Functional Designs From Tablet-Case Creator ‘Solid Gray’


    I probably won’t be the first to admit that we don’t need anymore tablet or phone cases. There are already thousands of competitive products available in this category, many of them priced very reasonably. Walking into Best Buy, Verizon, or even Five Below becomes a sensory assault of competing, well-designed cases. As you know, the editors here at Gear Diary… Read More ›

  • iOS Hit “Subway Surfers” Launches on Android


      Need a new game to waste all your time at work? Here you go. Meet Subway Surfers, a colorful, free-to-play, action game. The iOS version, developed by Kiloo Games, has garnered over 25 million players. Now it’s time for Android users to get in on the fun. Did I mention it’s free? At its core, Subway Surfers is an… Read More ›

  • Emergency Cell-Phone Lasts 10 Hours On A Single ‘AA’ Battery


    Picture yourself stranded alone during a hurricane. The rain pelts the windows with oppressive vigor. A howling wind lifts lawn chairs off the patio. You reach into your pocket and grab your smart-phone. You’ve never been more desperate to check your twitter feed, but the battery’s already down to 5%. Four minutes later, that one tough level of Angry Birds:… Read More ›

  • Instant Business Card to Contacts Conversion with INTSIG’s CamCard App


    If you’re a member of the professional world, you’re probably used to pocketing business cards like a pro. You slide them right into your pocket, only to fumble them out later for the information you need. It’s not a terrible system. If you’re a smart phone owner, however, you’ll know how time-consuming it is to manually enter business card information… Read More ›

  • iPhone 4 Cases Get Patriotic With Griffin’s New “Nations” Lineup


    July 4th is long gone, but before you put away your flags and USA-themed partyware, check out Griffin Technology’s latest case line for iPhone 4 / 4S. Arriving just in time for the 2012 Olympics, this protective gear will keep your smartphone looking festive and patriotic. As a company known for their innovations in the world of electronic accessories, Griffin… Read More ›

  • Functional Home Decor: Urban Fidelity Art Speakers

    Urban Fidelity Art Speakers

    For new home-owners on a budget, Urban Fidelity’s new line of eco-friendly art speakers provide a fitting mix of form and function. If you’ve got just $300 to spend on both interior decorating and a new speaker system, this newly announced collection of artist-powered audio equipment might help bridge the gap. The art speakers come adorned with designs created by… Read More ›

  • Portrait Professional Studio v10 Review

    Portrait Professional Studio

    Let’s be honest here. If you’re over 40 years old, there’s a good chance you’re not looking your best. I’m not saying that you’re a hideous monster or anything like that, but it’s certainly possible you could use a little work. If you’re much older than 40, you could definitely use some work. That’s where the Portrait Professional Studio software… Read More ›

  • Protect Your Gear with iSafeBags Urban Crew Backpacks

    "Let The Crew Guard Your Back"

    Have you ever had something valuable stolen out of a laptop case or backpack? Most people have. Whether it was an ipod, cell phone, or wallet, this type of thing tends to happen to everyone – especially in urban environments and public areas. Fewer people, I’d imagine, would consider arming their backpack with a full-fledged alarm system. That’s exactly the… Read More ›

  • Trygger iPhone Camera Case


    Trygger Camera Case: iPhone 4/4S Polarizing Filter Case Status: $6,919 pledged of $25,000 goal Closing Date for Funding: Tuesday Jul 3, 7:05am No offense to you, or your burgeoning photography skills, but cellphone cameras suck. Even with the iPhone 4’s auto-focus and auto-exposure features, it’s hard to create frame-worthy images. While capturing beautiful moments isn’t impossible, it’s certainly a challenge… Read More ›