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NOOK Goes Web Based

Good news, if you care deeply about reading ebooks on every possible device-B&N has released a web version of the NOOK platform. This is one of those features that every ebook store has felt compelled to offer but frankly, it’s a bit of a yawner. It’s helpful if you want to read on a computer and you can’t install software,… Read More ›

Bookstore(s) Live!

(for those who don’t get the image, here is the Wikipedia entry) The subject of the future of bookstores is one that always hovers at the edge of the ebook conversation. The demise of Borders bookstore may have cast a long, ominous shadow on physical retailers, but not all bookstores are struggling. While I have discussed the future- and challenges-… Read More ›

Writing, Self-Publishing, and Self-Editing

Self-publishing has been the great equalizer in writing. Suddenly authors who weren’t getting the time of day from traditional publishing could package their books and other collected works without a middleman, and sell right to the masses. However, as anyone who has shopped around for ebooks has noticed, self published titles are a mixed bag. Some are great, and some… Read More ›

Should eBooks and Privacy Be a Concern for Us?

Here’s another reason for eBook haters to complain about the digitization of the written word — your reading habits are no longer secret. While it is not surprising to assume Amazon, B&N and Kobo are watching what you read, the Wall Street Journal has a very detailed account of just how much is being watched. From the Journal: Publishing has… Read More ›

Geoff Morrison’s “Undersea” Only .99 On Kindle!

I am always on the hunt for a good book, especially during the summertime. Once on a week’s vacation to the beach I blew through 12 books! Needless to say, I try to bargain hunt for new titles. So Geoffrey Morrison’s book “Undersea”, for only .99 on Kindle, has caught my eye! Here’s the description: In a world flooded and… Read More ›

Microsoft Surface: The Trojan Tablet For Digital Textbooks?

Just about two months ago, Barnes and Noble and Microsoft announced that B&N would spin off their NOOK and college bookstore businesses into “Newco”, to be jointly owned by both companies. Obviously this has been good news for B&N’s finances, but aside from the press release both sides have been very quiet. There were rumors that B&N would be part… Read More ›

The Worst Solution Ever for “Show Rooming”

(image courtesy TimesRecordNews) If you listen to traditional retailers, online websites like Amazon are hurting them through what’s called “show rooming”, where the retail store becomes a place for consumers to check out items, but buy them online instead. There’s a lot of debate over the solutions (Target pulled all their Kindles, for example) but Rich Adin at The Digital… Read More ›

RIP Author Ray Bradbury at 91

Late last year Ray Bradbury reluctantly allowed his classic novel Fahrenheit 451 to be published in ebook form, which was initially problematic but later resolved nicely. Today we learn that the famed author has died at age 91 after decades of creating amazing stories and characters and visions of potential futures based on the human-technology interaction. He is best known… Read More ›

Kobo Hits a Growth Spurt!

If you doubt there’s a three horse race for dominance in ebooks, look no further than Kobo’s big announcement this morning. They are crowing about “triple digit growth” in downloads, sales, and eReaders. Now, they are still trailing B&N and Amazon, especially in the USA, but they are likely pulling lots of sales from Sony, Google Books, and other small… Read More ›

Speck FitFolio Case for Kindle Fire Review

I love my Kindle Fire and use it regularly, nestled in the Oberon ‘Celtic Hounds’ design case. I am very happy with the feel and utility of that case, so anything else has a tough road against the incumbent. Speck recently sent us a FitFolio case to review for the Kindle Fire, so let’s have a look! The Hype: FitFolio… Read More ›

Where Is the Future for Bookstores?

I was at a wedding over the weekend, and I tried making small talk with the gentleman seated next to me. As it turned out, he was from Chicago; we started chatting about the last time I was there for a work conference, which was held above a Barnes and Noble. He laughed, and told me the Barnes and Noble… Read More ›

Warren Buffett Sees a Profitable Future for Local News

Think books have a cloud of doom over them? It is a beautiful sunshine-y day compared to the forecast for newspapers. AOL’s local news experiment Patch is imploding, and newspapers are struggling badly to convert free online readers to subscribers via paywall and other means. Despite all the ugly news, there are some that see potential; in fact, Warren Buffett… Read More ›

Shop Rite Has Great Deals On … the Kindle Fire?

Shop Rite is my favorite local grocery store. Their meat selection is decent, the prices are good, and the store is convenient. Like all grocery stores they branch out into non-food related sidelines sometimes, but their latest offering is definitely not edible: a Kindle Fire for $179.99. Apparently this is the next step in grocery store evolution. First they sell… Read More ›

The Line Between Writing As a Business and Writing As an Art

(image courtesy Seattle organic seo) Publishing has had a rough year, and it is only May! The Department of Justice lawsuit, Barnes and Noble is splitting digital and paper into different companies, and it seems like mainstream media has put a death clock on bookstores. Plus ebooks have hosed the “traditional” model of book selling: what used to be a… Read More ›