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PC Game Review: Puzzle Quest 2

I recently reviewed the Nintendo DS version of Puzzle Quest 2, and since then the PC version has hit Steam. As I said, the DS game made good as a true sequel to the “Casual Meets Hardcore and Loves It!” surprise hit from 2007. Back then the PC version was the most feature-packed and inclusive version. So does the new… Read More ›

DS Game Review: Puzzle Quest 2

The original Puzzle Quest was a revelation, what I called “Casual Meets Hardcore and Loves It!” back in 2007. The game featured a solid RPG story and progression mechanic with an enhanced ‘match 3’ puzzle mechanic for the combat system. It was smart, fun and tremendously addictive! The follow-up, which I reviewed here, was “a decent game, it just pales… Read More ›

QRANK for iPhone/Touch App Review

I am currently back hard at work.  We have begun football season and are in the middle of 2-a-day workouts which takes pretty close to every waking hour of the coaches.  With that said, many of my usual daily entertainment is left behind for things like eating and showering because the loss of free time.  QRANK has stepped in to… Read More ›

The Netbook Gamer: Din’s Curse (PC/Mac RPG, 2010)

I have consistently sung the praises of Soldak Entertainment since their first game released in 2007, which they have earned by consistently serving the RPG community with well-made, fun and interesting games. The most recent release from Stephen Peeler and crew is Din’s Curse – but let’s take a quick look at their earlier releases. The first Soldak game was… Read More ›

iPhone Game Review: mTanks!

I am embarrassingly tardy with this review, but the reasoning is actually good news and worth mentioning. I had been playing mTanks on my iPod Touch but then the kids got out of school, we went on vacation, and I got busy getting my iPod Touch set up for my wife to use to read ebooks on vacation. Long story… Read More ›

Omino for iPhone/Touch App Review

Games are advancing at a blistering rate and the iPhone has become a wonderful platform for today’s video games.  Most new games are all about reality and 3D graphics.  When I try to explain Atari or NES games to my son, he thinks it is crazy nothing was 3D and totally realistic.  The joy of playing 16 bit games while… Read More ›

PSP Mini Game Review: Mahjongg Artifacts Chapter 2

Not long ago I reviewed the recently released Mahjongg Artifacts, which was a sequel to one of the earliest PSP Minis, Mahjongg Artifacts Chapter 2. Recently Sony announced that more than 1 million PSP Minis had been downloaded worldwide … and guess what game was #8 on the ‘top ten most popular’ list? That’s right – Mahjongg Artifacts Chapter 2!… Read More ›

The Netbook Gamer: XIII (2003, FPS)

Wait – wasn’t XIII called out specifically in this article a couple of months ago? Yep – but through perseverance I managed to get it uninstalled and re-installed and properly running … so naturally I played it again and am here – well, quite frankly I’m here to stop you from bothering! XIII is one of those milestone games that… Read More ›

Build-A-Lot for iPhone/Touch App Review

This week’s Blue Plate Special brings me a first…  The app was completely chosen by my wife.  My wife often plays the games I choose or she uses them, but rarely does she tell me about an app. So, I was playing poker the other night with all of the coaches and I texted her a few times expressing my… Read More ›

Tiki Totems Premium for iPhone/Touch App Review

Well, the summer of addicting games continues!  I found Tiki Totems Premium on sale for free today.  The premium version includes over 200 levels and guarantees any new updates will come to your phone free of charge.  The game is basically a puzzler with a cute twist.  Here is the background story for the game. The tribes of the mythical… Read More ›