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Healthy Delicious Lemonade in Seconds

It’s summer, and that means it is time for lemonade. (Actually, I love lemonade, so all year long is lemonade time.) The problem is that lemonade is made with sugar, and more and more studies are suggesting that sugar is not only addictive but is a toxic poison. (Yeah, I know the words “addictive”, “toxic” and “poison” are strong, but… Read More ›

Food Is for Fuel – The Monday Mile

Image from Food is for I wrote about eating disorders recently because I was surprised at just how much of an issue it was for runners. There has been a lot of coverage due to the recent Eating Disorder Awareness Week campaign, and I have learned a lot of sobering things. One important thing was a comparison to drug… Read More ›

Merrell Bare Access 2 Review

I sing the praises of minimalist shoes every chance I get. They’re great at strengthening your legs and feet, but it can be harder on your body at first and requires some adjustment. Merrell recognizes this, and their M-Connect line isn’t just for super minimal shoes. The Merrell Bare Access 2 shoes give you the qualities of a minimalist shoe,… Read More ›

Getting Fit with MyFitnessPal and GAIN Fitness

I have a confession: I am out of shape. Up until this past fall, I was doing great. I was running consistently, eating right, everything was great. But we sold our house, temporarily moved in with my parents, and are buying another house, all while juggling everything else in life. It’s been more than a little overwhelming, and I feel… Read More ›