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June 14, 2007 • Reviews

PDAir Zune Metal Case and Screen Protector Review

Since getting my Zune a few months ago, it has been in the very precarious position of having no screen protector, and only the supplied fabric slipcase to protect it from keys, pens and other devices. But when I use it to watch video, it has to go caseless. I was very happy to receive …

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June 13, 2007 • Reviews

The Future Sonics Atrio Series m5 Professional Earphones Review

I think by now I’ve established that I am a big fan of earphones; unlike the one-size-fits-most round earbuds which come with almost all digital music players, quality earphones will usually include a variety of tips so that the wearer can ensure the best fit. This is necessary because unlike earbuds which can precariously perch …

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June 11, 2007 • Reviews

Vaja Balance for Samsung BlackJack Review

For years I have seen Judie review many a Vaja case for many a device. I have always wanted one of my own, to smell the leather, see the fit, and have the experience that is Vaja. I was delighted when they sent me a case for my BlackJack. I received a honey yellow case …

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June 10, 2007 • Reviews

Sonnet 2Fit Review

When I bought my MacBook Pro last year, I was surprised at how wonderful the computer truly was. One of the biggest problems that I ran into with it, though was protection. Please click the review link above (written by me and one of my best mates from Down Under, Mitchell Oke), and scroll down …

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June 10, 2007 • Reviews

The Linear-Logic ScanGauge II Review

Digital displays for a car dashboards have always been a thing of the future shown in T.V. shows, movies and concept cars on display at the auto show. Here we are here in the 21st century, and cars still don’t come with a full digital dash. When I discovered a new device called the ScanGauge …

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June 8, 2007 • Reviews

The ARC Wireless Solutions Freedom Antenna Review

I’m not sure what the problem is, but for the last month, my Sprint cellular signal strength has dramatically dropped when I am inside my home. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except for the fact that my mobile phone is also my home phone and my business phone as well; in other …

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June 7, 2007 • Reviews

SeV Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip Review

Not long ago, Judie and I co-reviewed (what we call a dually) the SeV Performance Polo. While we really liked the shirt, I can tell you that Polo shirt weather does not last long in my little corner of the world. Often, and without warning the weather will change practically overnight from a warm summer …

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June 6, 2007 • Reviews

The Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus Review

Mitchell and I recently reviewed the Proporta Advanced Screen Protector, a perfect example of a silicone-based adhesive protector with a matte finish providing anti-glare properties and a paper-like writing surface . Today I am going to go to the other extreme and take a look at the Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus, which as the …

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June 6, 2007 • Reviews

The Samsung Q1P Unboxing

I have always had a passion for gadgets, and it seems that I am always the guy with the newest, most cutting edge device. I have been intrigued by the concept of the UMPC since its inception as the Origami project. I had only once had the chance to play with one and it was …

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June 5, 2007 • Reviews

The Proporta Advanced Screen Protector Review

Ed. note: For this dually, Judie’s comments will be in Black, Mitchell’s comments will be in italicised Blue. One of the first things I started worrying about when I unboxed the HTC Advantage was how I would keep the humongous 5″ diagonal screen from getting scratched. While it was nice that HTC included a screen …

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June 4, 2007 • Reviews

Encasing your phones: The Prima Cases Review

If you?re particular about keeping your investment in smartphones safe and protected from accidental drops, the accessory market for cases is wide open for your particular functional style and tastes. I?m rather obsessed with keeping things in mint condition, such as my collection of seven thousand albums, with inner dust sleeves and jackets to protect …

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June 1, 2007 • Reviews

Review: Brain School. Exercise for Your Brain

How many of us go to the gym on a regular basis? You know you should exercise you legs…your arms…even your pecs on a regular basis. Heck, you might even do some heart-smart cardio workouts. It is a great idea to keep your body in shape and healthy. While you are at the gym, however, …

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June 1, 2007 • Reviews

SeV Performance Polo Review

Here is a dose of daily trivia for you, courtesy of Wikipedia: The polo style shirt that we all know and love was invented in 1929 by Ren Lacoste, the French 7-time Grand Slam tennis champion, as an alternative to the era’s “cumbersome and uncomfortable” tennis court attire. In the 1930s, polo players discovered the …

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May 31, 2007 • Reviews

The BeyzaCASES Universal Leather Case Review

On the short list of accessories that Windows Mobile device owners need is a case. Cases not only protect your device but often put that device in a convenient and easy-to-access location (like your hip). In the not-to-distant past, most devices shipped with, at a minimum, a neoprene or vinyl slip case of some type. …

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May 30, 2007 • Reviews

Thou Must Protect Thy iPod: the DLO iPod Case(s) Review

When I?m sitting down with friends discussing what?s on their iPod, I?m surprised to see a newly acquired iPod shopworn with scratches not only on the metal backside, but the screen as well. With the 30GB or 80GB video iPod starting at $349.00 USD, most forget to purchase the extra accessories that will protect an …

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May 28, 2007 • Reviews

The HTC Advantage X7500 So Far…(a serial review)

I’ve been using the HTC Advantage for five days, which is definitely not long enough time to pass true judgement on the device, but it is enough time?to talk about some of my likes and dislikes. Ready? The screen is glorious…absolutely fabulous. 5″ of diagonal goodness that is clearer, and easier to read from, than …

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May 27, 2007 • Reviews

Review: RoadWired Cable Stable.

I regularly commute to work with my laptop in tow, so I am always on the lookout for new solutions to carry my gadgets, accessories, trinkets and gizmos. My latest stop found me at the RoadWired Deluxe Cable Stable, an impressive looking gear bag, which features an assortment of pockets, cords, loops and cubbies to …

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May 26, 2007 • Reviews

If It Has Leaves Three, Leave It Be or If Nobody Else Will Do It, Chris’ll Review It

Regular readers of know that we have a very talented team of reviewers here. What you may not realize is that there is sort of an unspoken pecking order among the team members about who gets to do which review. For instance, if the product has four wheels or a screen bigger than 19″, …

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May 24, 2007 • Reviews

A Pair of Jacks: Samsung BlackJack and i600 Review

The Samsung BlackJack has been a runaway success over in the United States which doesn?t surprise me at all. Thin, light, black, it covers all the bases. A gorgeous and comparatively large high-res screen, thumboard, and some 3G has been thrown in for good measure. The BlackJack has just recently arrived here in Australia, and …

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May 22, 2007 • Reviews

Mood Wrapz: Groovy, Dudez.

Sometimes the best definition of a gadget is something cool that you never knew existed. But once you find out about it, you have to have it. Even though you don’t need it at all. Mood Wrapz are that kind if product. Known as “a mood ring for your iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone,” …

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May 22, 2007 • Reviews

The ThermaClear Heat Enabled Acne Treatment Device Review

Well, here I go again…tripping merrily into “Too Much Information” land, so that I can tell you all about a product which most females over 21 wouldn’t want to admit needing, much less using. It’s okay though, I don’t embarrass easily. So the deal is that I occasionally get painful pimples which can best be …

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