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Kindle Case Review: Speck BookShield for Kindle 3

(Part 2 of 3) In part 1 of this three-part review of Speck’s cases for the Kindle 3 we looked at the Speck FitFolio. This time around we are looking at the Speck BookShield. While the FitFolio takes offers Speck’s take on the tradition folio, the BookShield takes a minimalist approach that, while thin and light, still protects the Kindle’s… Read More ›

Review: The Joy Factory Zip USB Touch-n-go Multi-Charging Station with ZipTail Receivers

Charging cables and cords… they’re everywhere. Literally everywhere. Have an iPhone? You need a 5W wall adapter and a USB cable. An iPad? You need a 10W wall adapter and a USB cable. Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab? You’ll need one of their proprietary chargers. Have a Blackberry or Android phone? Most likely you need a microUSB adapter connected to… Read More ›

Otterbox Jumps Into the eBook Case Market

So you’re rocking a new Kindle, Sony Reader, or B&N NOOK. It rides shotgun in your bag, hangs out by your bedside, etc. But what about when you take it to the beach? Or need to bring it in a bag full of gear? Protect it with new Otterbox eBook Reader Cases! For the Kindle 3: For the Kindle DX:… Read More ›

Acme Made Unveils New Sleeves and Covers for Kindle, NOOK and iPad

Acme Made makes some gorgeous bags and device accessories and have now rolled out a new line of cases and covers for the Kindle, the NOOK, the iPad and more that all… provide users with highly protective and well-designed solutions for the growing audience of compact eReader and tablet users seeking fashion-forward protection. Here’s a quick rundown and the company’s… Read More ›

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

Speck Products was kind enough to send me one of each of the new cases that they just released for the Kindle 2.  While I have heard of Speck from Dan’s review and Judie sharing her thoughts on some of Speck’s line, this is my first hands on experience with a Speck case.  Will the cases match up to what I have… Read More ›

The JAVOEdge Kindle2 Cases Reviewed

JAVOedge has long been known for their PDA and phone cases, and more recently they have been making eReader cases. Today I’ve got a close look at their new Kindle 2 leather Croc cases, specifically the Book Style and Flip Style. These cases are available in red, black, blue and pink leather with a crocodile skin pattern; I was sent… Read More ›

The Oberon Design Kindle DX Cover Review

Not long after Julie Strietelmeier and I reviewed their Kindle & Kindle2 covers, Oberon Design announced that they would be releasing a Kindle DX version. I found this news particularly welcome, because shortly after we completed the review I purchased the DX. Of course, moving to a larger Kindle meant that the case I loved would definitely no longer work,… Read More ›

DecalGirl Dressed Up My Kindle DX

When we did the Kindle2 review, one of the few things that Dan, Doug and Kerry griped about was the device’s pasty white front. I didn’t really mind the slightly off-white color, but when I purchased the Kindle DX I decided it needed a bit of personalization. Since I don’t yet have a case for the oversized ereader, I thought… Read More ›

The Oberon Design Kindle 2 Case Review

[Editor’s note: This is a joint review by Judie and Julie that will be appearing simultaneously on Gear Diary and The Gadgeteer. Judie’s comments will be in black, and Julie’s will be in blue italics.] Like many who own an Amazon Kindle or Kindle2, Julie and I have grown to greatly enjoy the convenience of carrying our current and future… Read More ›

Waterfield Travel Case for Kindle Review

I love Waterfield’s cases. They are well built, have nice style and, most importantly, are super functional. I use one of their cases with my MacBook, and have one for my HP2140. Fortunately for all Kindle fans, they offer a nice selection of cases for the Kindle 1, Kindle 2 and will have some for the Kindle DX shortly after… Read More ›

Review: JAVOedge Fiber Cases for the Amazon Kindle 2

It’s a common occurrence.  One of shock and disbelief.  One experienced by many first time Kindle 2 owners.  Here’s how it goes…. They open the package.  Unpack all the included items.  And then, scratching their head in shock and wonder, they begin rifling through the contents of the box once again looking for it. What is it they’re looking for… Read More ›

A Tale of Two (Kindle2) Cases

One of the biggest issues with the Amazon Kindle 2 is the fact that Amazon cheaped out on the device by not including any sort of protective case. No, they didn’t need to include a leather case like the one that shipped with the first generation Kindle, but something – even a simple slip cover – would have been appropriate… Read More ›