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April 20, 2012 • Reviews

Gear4 AirZone Series 1 AirPlay Speaker Dock Review

Back in January, Judie and I spent some time with the folks from Gear4. We got to know a bit more about the company and its vision, spent some time with their current products, and we even got to see one or two items that were not yet released. We were not, of course, allowed …

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April 12, 2012 • Reviews

Just Mobile Xtand Go Car Mount Review

When I got a new car last fall, I made sure I chose one that would eliminate the need for a lot of the “after market” accessories I had been using. The built-in navigation system meant I didn’t need to have a GPS or use my iPhone as a navigation system any longer. The built-in …

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March 15, 2012 • Reviews

Kanex AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver Review

Update: This contest is now closed, and the winner has been announced on Facebook. Thank you for playing, and keep an eye out for more Gear Diary giveaways! =) Whether it is via AirPlay or through my Sonos system, I’m into wireless music these days. I love not having to physically dock a device in …

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March 5, 2012 • Reviews

DBEST London Duo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker Set Review

The other day we looked at one of two DBest speaker sets I have been using for the past week and a half. Here’s what DBest has to say about their products: The most important thing in music are not the lyrics, but the way of receiving. The way music is transferred determines how much …

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March 1, 2012 • Reviews

DBest Solo Bluetooth Mini Speaker Review

Since getting my JawBone JamBox some months ago I’ve had a “thing” for small Bluetooth speakers. Most recently I’ve been using two offerings from DBest. Here’s what DBest has to say about their products: The most important thing in music are not the lyrics, but the way of recieving. The way music is transferred determines …

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January 24, 2012 • News

Tired of Boxy Bluetooth Speakers? Check Out These Q-i-sound Speakers From iharmonix

The Q-i-sound Bluetooth speakers from Qmadix leave the square, boring speakers that are so common in the dust. Available in black or white, they have an unusual shape that is sure to grab attention. Each speaker has its own rechargeable lithium polymer battery that charges in 3 ½ hours and gives up to eight hours …

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December 29, 2011 • Reviews

Sena Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 Video Review

Last year Travis reviewed Sena’s Keyboard Folio for the original iPad. (You can read it here.) Here’s what he found: The keyboard is not the best, but it is fully functional and simple to use. Having a keyboard does make it far easier to write long posts, articles or homework assignments on the iPad. There …

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December 23, 2011 • Reviews

Gear VS Gear: The JawBone JamBox Faces Off Against the Spar Zephyr 300

The JawBone JamBox is one impressive device. It is a Bluetooth speaker, a speakerphone and one of the best gadgets of 2011! At $199 it isn’t inexpensive but it is a quality device that is well worth the money. Spar’s Zephyr line of speakers looks to step into the fray with the JamBox and one …

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December 18, 2011 • Reviews

Native Union MM 03i Bluetooth iPhone Accessory Review

Point 1: As much as I love my iPhone using it as a phone isn’t all that comfortable. As a result, even when I’m not on the go, I will often use a headset, wired or Bluetooth, when using my iPhone for a call. In other words, if I use my iPhone a headset is …

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December 17, 2011 • Gear Bits

The Voices of JAMBOX…

I love the JawBone Jambox that I purchased a few weeks ago. It came on vacation with me and was quite handy to have around. I like it even more now that I discovered Jawbone’s MyTalk portal. It let me set up the button on the device to activate Siri, and it also let me …

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November 17, 2011 • Reviews

ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS and Android review

My experience with keyboards for the iPad has been rather mixed. Some keyboards and keyboard cases have worked fairly well but none have been comfortable enough and portable enough for me to carry all the time. Moreover, most of the keyboard cases I have tried have just been too bulky for daily use. After all, …

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November 8, 2011 • Reviews

Bluetooth Headset Review: Sound iD SIX

A few weeks ago we brought word that Sound iD was coming out with their newest Bluetooth headset the Sound iD SIX. We have reviewed the company’s previous headsets, so I was anxious to get my hands on the SIX. Unlike those headsets, they were entirely black, the SIX has an attractive carbon fiber look …

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November 2, 2011 • How to Do It Yourself!

A Day in the Life: Using a Bluetooth Headset as a Remote Recording Device for Lectures

I have been teaching for the past few years and have found that recording my lectures is helpful for students that are sick or that need assistance due to attention deficit issues. Many of the programs to record lectures are costly, so I set out to see if I could use my MacBook and a …

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October 12, 2011 • Reviews

Bluetooth Headset Review: Jabra SUPREME

I have been using one specific Bluetooth headset in my car for the past year or so, but I lost it a few weeks back. Okay, I didn’t exactly “lose” it but, rather, my wife Elana took it. I was thrilled to have her take the headset because: A. She’s my wife, and I like …

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September 15, 2011 • News

Ooma Updates and Gets Even Better

One of the standout piece of consumer electronics I have discovered over the past few years is the Ooma phone system. The system brings an unusual business model to the business of phone service. Instead of charging a monthly fee Ooma sells the hardware that connects to your high-speed internet service and then lets you …

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September 12, 2011 • Reviews

Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM GPS Review

Smartphones and tablets are “category killers” that have decimated numerous standalone products. As I have written previously, from one perspective the iPhone and the iPad are like “Rorschach devices”. They are “blank slates” (pun totally intentional) that can take the form and function of a wide range of devices depending on whatever software they are …

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September 10, 2011 • Reviews

iPad Accessory Video Review: The ZaggFolio and ZaggKeys Solo

ZAGG makes some great accessories and I was intrigued when they released a keyboard folio case for the iPad 2. I was even more intrigued when I heard that they would be releasing the ZAGGkeys Solo, the keyboard folio minus the folio since it meant you could buy a standalone iPad keyboard that has specialized …

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September 6, 2011 • Reviews

Bluetooth Headphone Review: Sennheiser MM450

As I have been reviewing more and more audio equipment one thing has become clear to me: you get what you pay for in the sound department. True, every now and then a lower-end audio product may surprise you but, as a general rule, the more you pay the more features and audio-quality you are …

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August 17, 2011 • News

Cobra Tag Helps You Find Anything Including Your Phone

Are you the type that misplaces things like keys, your car remote or your purse?  Then the Cobra Tag may be for you.  Cobra Tag is a Bluetooth device that works in conjunction with your phone.  Once set up, if you walk away from the item your phone will alert you that you forgot your keys. What …

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August 5, 2011 • Reviews

Review: Bluetrek SPEAKY Bluetooth Speakerphone: “The most friendly car kit”

I thought I had seen it all until the SPEAKY showed up at my door. SPEAKY looks like a little Kewpie Doll, albeit without hair and not quite as cute but has some interesting hidden features. Yes, SPEAKY is a full-service Bluetooth speakerphone. I took a look at one and we’re giving it away so… …

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July 30, 2011 • News

Summer Tech: Qi-wear by iharmonix Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses

I’m someone who ALWAYS wears sunglasses when I am outside. I also always have my iPhone and am often either making calls or listening to music when I am out and about. As such the idea of sunglasses that can double as a Bluetooth headset for making calls or listening to music really appeals to …

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