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Evil Islands (2001, RPG): The Netbook Gamer

If you are familiar with the PC RPG genre and think of games from Eastern European developers from early in the last decade, you will likely come up with thoughts of bug-ridden releases with loads of patches, poor translations, terrible dialogue, and overall sloppy games. Things have come a long way to the point of excellent games such as The… Read More ›

Mass Effect 2: Video Game Soundtrack Review

I recently reviewed the full soundtrack for Dragon Age: Origins, and a large part of my criticism was that it wasn’t a great value – it released well after the game was out, and suddenly made folks who paid for a ‘deluxe’ version aware that the ‘Soundtrack’ they got was really a sampler. Now the Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack has… Read More ›

Neverwinter Nights (2002, RPG): The Netbook Gamer

Neverwinter Nights is a RPG based on the Dungeons and Dragons rules developed and published by Bioware in 2002. Since then it has been patched, expanded, enhanced, gotten loads of community extensions, and patched some more, and remains a favorite game for module developers and multiplayer gamers alike. But is it something for the netbook gamer? Read on for my… Read More ›

Review: iFrogz Custom Fallout Headphones

Custom accessories are uber-popular right now.  We’ve seen several of our favorite accessory manufacturers bring custom offerings into their collections over the last few months.  One of the best of the bunch, iFrogz, has several items in its inventory which the company allows you to custom build to create your very own, one of a kind, item. Before I left… Read More ›

Puzzlings for iPhone/Touch Review

Puzzlings first came on my radar as it quickly rose to the top of the app list.  I heard several podcasters proclaim their addiction to the game so figured I better check it out.  To my surprise, the game had become free when I decided to download.  As my reviews have shown, I am a sucker for a good puzzle… Read More ›

The Cool PS3 Mod Adds Portability

Our friends at PS3Maven have let us know about the latest cool PS3 mod – this one right up my alley as a big fan of handheld gaming! This was created by a modder called BronckartN, who has created a wireless interface that allows you to control and watch on a portable device while the console remains elsewhere. Quite cool… Read More ›

Eveningstar For iPhone/Touch Review

Divine Robot has recently released a new scrolling shooter called “Eveningstar.”  The game is a sci-fi shoot ’em up packed full of action and enemies.  The game includes nine exciting levels, each of which require different skills and puzzle solving skills.  Check out the video trailer here then read the review after the break.

Dragon Age Origins: Video Game Soundtrack Review

Back when I wrote about the various packages available for Dragon Age: Origins, one thing I didn’t worry about was the soundtrack. Why? Because on the graphic that accompanied the article it said ‘Digital Soundtrack’. So I assumed it meant we got the whole soundtrack – since most games with samplers are pretty clear and up-front about the whole ‘selections… Read More ›

Dark Nebula for iPhone/Touch Review

Labyrinth style games are nothing new to the iPhone.  You know the games where a ball or marble rolls on the screen and is controlled by tilting the phone like it is a table.  This style of games are fun, but are usually the same.  Move the ball around avoiding the holes and reach the end of the maze.  Dark… Read More ›

Resolutions for the Gaming New Year

Are you feeling hung over from some bad gaming purchases in 2009? Let me share some thoughts on how to apply principles and resolutions to fill your 2010 full of smart gaming choices! Every New Years, many people make resolutions of things they will do that year to make themselves better people. I do this each year, typically with a… Read More ›