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Totemo for iPhone/Touch App Review

In my weekly search for the next Blue Plate Special, I search through the iTunes rankings and search newly released apps.  I try several apps before deciding on one that is worthy of the Blue Plate tag.  This week, my wife, (who never pays much attention to my weekly search) told me she had an app for me for the… Read More ›

Zlider for iPhone/Touch App Review

Through my search of Blue Plate applications I have learned two things.  First, there are some great games and apps available for $.99 or less.  Second, well executed simple design makes for a better app than one who tries to throw in the kitchen sink.  Zlider falls into this category.  The gameplay is a simple concept, but with plenty of… Read More ›

Merecal is a Media Lovers Friend

I got a $100 Amazon gift certificate from Kerry for Christmas (thank you Kerry!!), and for half a second I was tempted to blow it immediately on Kindle titles from authors I already follow. After thinking about it, I instead sent out a tweet asking for suggestions. One of them came from @Merecal … “Weird name” I thought to myself,… Read More ›

Traffic Rush for iPhone/Touch App Review

We are all feeling the financial pinch!    Blue Plate Special is a weekly review of bargain apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nothing over $.99. Anyone who drives in the city knows the frustrations of a busy intersection.  How great would it be to get rid of the stop light and control the traffic on your own?  Take control… Read More ›

iAssociate Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

I have begun to like playing puzzle games, especially word games.   Maybe I am getting old, but games that require thought have become more fun for me.  I have reviewed many different types of puzzle games, including several word games but iAchieve has turned out to be not only fun and addictive but very unique.  One of my Sophomore students… Read More ›

PC Game Review: Risen

A recent trend in games has been altering the naming structure to try to either dissociate with older games or mask how many games have preceded the release. Recent examples include the indeterminate ‘Wolfenstein’, the third Red Faction game being called Guerrilla, and the removal of he ‘Call of Duty’ from much of the ‘Modern Warfare 2’ advertising. Now we… Read More ›

Review: NFL Quarterback Challenge for iPhone OS

As a youngster I can remember watching various NFL quarterbacks compete in challenge events during the off season.  Often times the events took place in Hawaii or some other tropical paradise and I had dreams of being my favorite signal caller competing in the various challenge events. The NFL and ProAppSports recently announced the immediate availability of NFL Quarterback Challenge… Read More ›

iFarm for iPhone/Touch App Review

Attention Farmville and FarmTown fans!  Many of us spend way too much time on Facebook.  If much of that time is spent on one of these farm simulation games, do I have an app for you!  This summer I did fall into the Farm Town trap and spent (wasted) a lot of time harvesting and planting crops in hopes to… Read More ›

Orba for iPhone/Touch App Review

My gaming tastes are either changing, or I have become a simple person in my older age.  It seems the flurry of simple puzzle games not only entertain me, but also keep me addicted to the small bursts of gaming time I have.  Orba is a simple screen clearing game.  The premise is simple and has been seen in several… Read More ›

Review: InfeCCt iPhone Game

I like puzzle games quite a bit.  I travel a lot, and so even though I enjoy things like Dark Nebula, Earthworm Jim (yay!), and Cro-Mag Rally, puzzle games like Myst or Beneath a Steel Sky or Bookworm or Glyph are better for me, as they are easy to stop in the middle, the time pressure isn’t a big issue,… Read More ›

Commodore 64 Emulator iPhone Game Review

I love classic games of all sorts. I still occasionally replay my copy of the original 1981 Castle Wolfenstein through an emulator and have always loved playing arcade games when the arcade collections are released. So when I heard that a Commodore 64 game emulation system was coming to the iTunes App Store, I was thrilled. Of course, that joy… Read More ›