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New Series: The Netbook Gamer

Welcome to a new series here at Gear Diary! Called the Netbook Gamer, this will allow me to share two of my loves – playing computer games and exploiting my netbooks to deliver whatever performance I can squeeze from them. In this series I will look at games released over the last decade that might have pushed the boundaries of… Read More ›

Fate / Unlimited Codes for PSP Review

It is fairly amazing given the fairly thin release schedule for the PSP to think that there might have been two games released in the fighting genre in the last month … so it is simply stunning that we have gotten three! Alongside Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Soul Calibur PSP comes a fighting game from Capcom based on a Japanese… Read More ›

Slime Army For iPhone/Touch Review

Overview One day in the peaceful Slime world, the king of monster commanded his army to attack the Slime empire and forced those slimes to be his slaves. The Slime empire was plunged into chaos. The Slime King commanded his gereral (Colonel Slime) to control the army to fight against the enemies. You who have a role of Colonel Slime,… Read More ›

Connected Review for iPhone/Touch App Review

Puzzle games have become a staple in the app store lately.  Creating something that is new, challenging and fun has become more difficult.  Connected steps in as a contender in the puzzle game category. The idea of Connected is simple.  Take the pipe pieces and connect the start and finish pieces.  Sounds easy right? From the developer: Connected is simple idea,… Read More ›

Review: Arcade Hockey for iPhone

My distinct memories of getting an air hockey table back during the 70’s fad era certainly places me in time, but I do still have a certain fondness for the game that I share with my family from time to time. Our kids got one of those multi-game tables with a small air-hockey board included. So when I heard about… Read More ›

Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone Review

Back in 1992 when id Software was preparing to release their seminal first-person shooter ‘Wolfenstein 3D’, I was already sold – it had been over a decade since I had my first Wolfenstein addiction. In 1981 the game ‘Castle Wolfenstein’ for the Apple ][ captivated me to the point that when I heard that Wolf3D would be set in the… Read More ›

Review: Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Over the summer my family takes a long vacation at our home in the Outer Banks.  One of our favorite past times to do at the beach house is to all gather around the kitchen table with a large piece count jigsaw puzzle.  We usually get one going and then come back to it over the time we’re there and… Read More ›

Review: SphereXYZ

Next year the Rubix Cube turns 30, so the fact that I was working part-time in a retail department store to support school / books / music / games / friends/ etc when it came out means a couple of things. First it means that there is a certain nostalgia attached to the Cube. OK, so it also says I’m… Read More ›

ESPN Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2009

It is that time of the year again!!!  My football season is in full swing and we won our first game of the year 40-7.  The NFL is finally winding up the pre-season and NCAA begins this week.  The only thing else we need is fantasy football!!!  For those of you who have never played fantasy football, it can become… Read More ›

Review: Mik-Mak by Rapid Turtle Games

When I was younger, PacMan was all the craze. And, like most crazes, it inspired a bunch of sequels and knock-offs. Who would have thought, this many years later, that the game would still be hanging around in it’s many forms. Enter Mik-Mak. Mik-Mak is a variant on the standard type of PacMan game. So how does this pan out?… Read More ›

Review: Trine for PC

When I heard FrozenByte – the guys who made the games Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor – was making a new game I was thrilled and knew I’d want to play it. When I heard it was a fantasy side-scrolling platform action game that required using three players in harmony to solve challenges, I was curious about what it would be… Read More ›

Review: Resident Evil 4 for iPhone

Back in early 2005 Capcom released the latest iteration of the Resident Evil series. The franchise had lost much of its luster as ports of the beloved original PlayStation games seemed to be just milking the franchise for cash. Fortunately,Capcom not only remembered what the series great, they also kept up with the trend of making large changes in each… Read More ›