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Koto by CubeSensors Launches on IndieGoGo!

If you were a fan of our review of the Cubesensors review, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new model of the popular home sensors, called the Koto, launching today on Indiegogo! Koto is an updated and stylish way to help you sleep better, as well as keep your family healthy through monitoring your home environment. Created by… Read More ›

3D Cartoon LED Lamps Review

My son has a TARDIS nightlight, which I am pleased with because it sets him up well to be exposed to good science fiction early in life. I’m always looking for similar cool ideas for him, so I was very excited to take a look at 3D Cartoon LED lamps in the form of Ironman and Minions…perfect for my son!

Epson’s PowerLite 730HD Projector Gives My Living Room That Movie Theatre Experience!

Epson’s Home Cinema 730HD is an entertainment Projector that we had an opportunity to review, and it honestly didn’t disappoint. Prior to the Epson 730HD I’ve only had experience with one other projector, but the comparison between the two are virtually day and night. The $649.00 projector is the home theatre experience that you’d expect to see on something from… Read More ›

My First Week with the New Helix Sleep Mattress

You know what’s better than a good night’s rest? A good night’s rest on a mattress that you helped create, according to how YOU want to sleep. There are plenty of mattresses on the market, but are you ready to spend thousands for comfort — especially when you can do the same thing for less money?

Box Appetit Makes Packing Lunch Fun!

I try to pack my lunch daily, in an effort to both save money and make sure my lunch is healthy. We also pack food all the time for my son with food allergies. So in my house, we appreciate a good lunchbox, and the black+blum Box Appetit has definitely met our high standards!

You Deserve the Cambridge Audio TV5 2.1-Channel Speaker Base

Cambridge Audio is back with a 2.1-channel speaker base, the TV5, perfect for a reasonably priced upgrade to your home’s audio system. It’s a sleek speaker base with built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming. At $399, it’s a beautiful addition underneath any size TV and you won’t need an external subwoofer to make sure the bass is pumping.

Grout Gator Review: A More Efficient Grout Cleaner?

I can’t say I love cleaning, but I do love the end result. It’s nice to have a space that doesn’t feel gross and dirty. We recently had the chance to review the “Grout Gator”, a tool designed to get tiled surfaces clean while being more efficient than traditional methods. But does it work, and is it worth the cost?

Edyn Garden Sensor Now Available Exclusively at Home Depot

Edyn, the connected garden sensor, announced on July 1st that they struck an exclusive retail partnership with The Home Depot. This smart garden device is solar-powered, Wi-Fi enabled, and water and fertilizer resistant. Plus, you can use the Edyn iOS app to find out how to maximize your garden’s health! The Edyn Garden Sensor is available now for $99.97.

Synology’s BeyondCloud Mirror Is the Ultimate Beginner’s NAS

The Synology BeyondCloud Mirror (BC214se 2300) is without doubt, the best Network Attached Storage device I’ve ever reviewed. It comes with two 3TB Seagate NAS Hard Drives pre-installed and its simple plug-and-play setup will have you up and running in less than 5 minutes. It’s the perfect setup for your personal entertainment center. It is available now for $369.99.