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Gear vs Gear: iPod nano Watchbands

No less than Steve Jobs himself quipped that the new iPod nano would make a great watch. From that moment, people have been thinking about way to use the recently shrunk iPod as a piece of wearable jewelry. Well, since the beginning of January I have gone from having zero iPod nano watch bands to having a choice of three different… Read More ›

TikTok Creates an Evolved “iPod nano as Watch”

The TikTok Multi-Touch Watch Band that took-off on Kickstarter.com is now shipping. The goal was to raise $15,00 in pre-production pledges and, in the end, they raised over $940,000. With that kind of money and press it would have been kinda rotten if the actual product was … well, rotten. Well mine came today and it is anything but. This… Read More ›

iPod touch Accessory News- Speck Releases ‘CANDYSHELL GRIP’ Gaming Case for iPod touch

Speck has been releasing some great cases for the current generation of iOS devices. Their latest creation is the CandyShell Grip. The CandyShell Grip is “the first case that seamlessly integrates comfortable, finger-friendly gaming grips into the sleek protection and style of the award-winning hard shell, soft center CandyShell case”. As Bryan Hynecek, Lead Designer at Speck explains, “Anyone can… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST SeV Travel Boxers Review

I know this is going to come as a shock to those of who you frequent the site but… I love SCOTTEVEST clothing. I wear one of their jackets pretty much every day, I love my SeV hoodie and, recently, I got some of their Q-Zip and performance t-shirts which I pretty much live in when I’m not in a… Read More ›