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Righteous Kill Movie Game for the Mac Review

Have you ever seen the film Righteous Kill? I never did, and consulting RottenTomatoes tells me I didn’t miss much – I did try to stream it, but it wasn’t freely available so I requested it from Goozex, but I wasn’t able to get it before doing this review. Turns out it doesn’t matter, since this game is more ‘based… Read More ›

Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard for Mac Review

I reviewed the original Epic Adventures: La Jangada here, which was based on the Jules Verne’s story ‘The Raft’ (direct translation of La Jangada). My opinion of the original was that it was an interesting story but hampered by glacial pacing and a dreary palette. Does the sequel Epic Adventures Cursed Onboard deliver where the original failed? Read on and… Read More ›

Adobe Creative Suite – Subscription vs. Retail

If you work in a creative industry, chances are you use software programs from Adobe’s extensive creative suite. The issue, of course, is that these applications are insanely expensive. Interested in image-manipulation through Photoshop CS6? MSRP will cost you $700 for that program alone. You can grab it off Amazon right now for $560, but that’s not exactly a bargain…. Read More ›

Inbetween Land for Mac Review

Have you ever started playing a game, left it for a while, and after trying to get going again felt lost and restarted? That is what happened to me with Inbetween Land for the Mac. The story centers on a city that is suddenly sent into turmoil by a flying island in the sky … which goes from being an… Read More ›

Evernote 5 for Mac Adds 100 New Features to My Must-Have Productivity Tool

Evernote 5 for Mac has arrived, and it is ready to take rings to the next level. This is a major redesign that includes: A new left panel for easier than ever access to shortcuts (new!), recent notes, notebooks, atlas and more Major search improvements, including type ahead search Easier sharing with better notebook integrations and improved activity stream Improved… Read More ›

Libratone Zipp AirPlay Speaker Review

Last week I offered a first look and video of the Libratone Zipp. The airplay speaker fuses European aesthetics with Cupertinian technology. The round speaker works fine at home, but it also runs on battery power so you can take it on the go. Libratone, who already offered two different speakers designed for home use has now made a speaker that… Read More ›

Libratone Zipp Wireless AirPlay Speaker, First Look

Every now and then a product comes along that not only meets your expectations but actually exceeds them. That’s the case so far with the Libratone Zipp AirPlay Wireless Speaker. Sure, it has a cool, unique look. And sure, the fact that you can change the wool covers then, in seconds, have a speaker that looks completely different is very cool…. Read More ›

Portrait Professional Studio v10 Review

Let’s be honest here. If you’re over 40 years old, there’s a good chance you’re not looking your best. I’m not saying that you’re a hideous monster or anything like that, but it’s certainly possible you could use a little work. If you’re much older than 40, you could definitely use some work. That’s where the Portrait Professional Studio software… Read More ›

Some Developers Really Get It …

There are certain apps we love to use. Quite often they come from companies for whom we have the greatest respect. It is no surprise that the two often go have in hand. Case in point, Appigo. I’ve known them since my days at What’sOniPhone, and I have always been impressed. Their apps are great; ToDo has always been one… Read More ›

NeatReceipts Scanner and Software Package Review

Last July we reviewed the NeatDest scanner and software system from Neat. (Read the review.) Here’s how I began the review One of the keys to Apple’s remarkable success with their iOS devices is the fact that they control both the hardware and the software side of things. Good software is nice to have. So is nice hardware. But when… Read More ›

Fix It Up: Kate’s Adventure Mac Game Review

Their have been three entries in the ‘Fix It Up’ time-management casual game franchise from G5 Entertainment. The first game was called Fix It Up: Kate’s Adventure, which I reviewed here. I had some issues with the strategic approach of the game that kept me from fully enjoying it, but the two later games I enjoyed very much. Now that… Read More ›