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Stuff-a-Burger Lets You, Well … Stuff a Burger!

If you don’t know what a “Juicy Lucy” is, then prepare to have your mind blown. The Juicy Lucy is a stuffed hamburger filled with add-ins like cheese, bacon, mushrooms or onions. Until now, they’ve been difficult to make at home, but thanks to the Stuff-a-Burger Press, you can make your own version on the grill!

Grilled Cheesus and the Ecumenical Guide to Grilled Cheese

Judie and I recently got pitched to cover the Grilled Cheesus. Yes, it is exactly what is sounds like — a grilled cheese gadget that makes “grilled cheese sandwiches easier and tastier — and more divine”. It is a real product that costs $39.95. We got to thinking, what would other faith-based grilled cheesers look like? Let’s take a look.

When Bloggers Do Battle

During a recent Kia event for the rollout of the new Kia Soul, Judie donned a sumo wrestler’s costume and went to battle. Fighting in blue and under the moniker “Don’t Mess With Texas”, she squared off against her friend Helena, in red and a.k.a. “I’ll Beat You in a New York Minute”. Who was victorious? Check out this video… Read More ›

Spectacular Even in Death – Jeweled Skeletons of the Catacomb Saints

What do you do when you’ve got a catacomb full of purported martyrs’ skeletons, and you want to remind the faithful of the heavenly treasures awaiting them? You bedazzle those bones with jewels, and then display the results in shrines! And when skeptics question the skeletons’ provenance and the gaudy display, you hide them away until someone comes along and… Read More ›

ForkSticks and ChopKnives Are Awesome

Love Chinese food but hate using chopsticks? Hate using chopsticks but hate looking like a dork even more? These chopstick forks may be the thing for you. Sure they will make you look like an even bigger dork but you’ll look like a big dork with awesome chopsticks. Check the video out here. Via The Awesomer