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View N Me Online Dating Site Launched with Video Profiles and Online Webcam Speed Dating

View N Me is a new online dating site that provides an alternative to the sometimes awkward and oftentimes generic online dating profiles.  While View N Me allows users to have written profiles, the main selling point is the ability for their users to upload video profiles.  This allows users to connect on a different level than traditional dating profiles.

(Why) I Hate to Date (Online)

(Why) I Hate to Date (Online) is a new publication from MaryAnna Donovan which outlines her 5 years of online dating. I thought it might be fun to look at this book since Judie had just finished writing a series about online dating in July. In the book MaryAnna provides commentary about a few of the men she met as… Read More ›

The Experience – Online Dating

You’re cinematic razor sharp, A welcome arrow through the heart, Under your skin feels like home, Electric shocks on aching bones, Give me a chance to hold on, Give me a chance to hold on, Give me a chance to hold on, Just give me something to hold on, to… – “You’re All I Have”, by Snow Patrol I told… Read More ›

Writing Your Online Dating Profile

If you like Piña Coladas And getting caught in the rain If you’re not into yoga If you have half a brain If you’d like making love at midnight In the dunes on the Cape Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for Write to me and escape. – “Escape”, by Rupert Holmes One of the single largest make-or-break components… Read More ›

Double chins, losing hair, gold paint around your mouth? Airbrushdate spins your (booking) photos into online dating gold!

Has this ever happened to you? While browsing your favorite online message forum someone drops right into (and out of) the conversation with a one or two sentence spammy message? These people never contribute anything to the conversation except for a blatant advertisement. This is what happened to me last week. Someone dropped right into a active discussion with the… Read More ›

Choosing an Online Dating Site

All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong? – “Eleanor Rigby”, by Paul McCartney I don’t think that anyone necessarily plans to be alone and lonely; sometimes it just happens. Perhaps it’s because they got caught up in a career race, or they live somewhere with a limited dating… Read More ›