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February 22, 2015 • Gaming, News

Lara Croft’s Gear in the Upcoming ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Game

The next Tomb Raider action adventure game releasing later this year has the famous survivalist/heroine Lara Croft geared up to win against nature and enemies. Rise of the Tomb Raider,

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February 21, 2015 • Reviews

KLEVV Is Looking to Make a Splash in the Gaming PC RAM Market

KLEVV is a newcomer to the memory game, but they have the pedigree to prove their worth. They’re hitting the market with many levels of premium PC RAM to suit every taste. KLEVV has access to the finest memory chips due to their parent companies and are looking to make a dent in the Gaming PC …

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February 18, 2015 • Gaming, News

Hand of Fate Now Available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC?!

Hand of Fate is a card-based roguelike that found funding through Kickstarter just over a year ago, and has now been released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game blends the RPG and collectible card games genres easily and with a style that is bound to appeal to fans of both game types.

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February 17, 2015 • Crowdfunding, Gaming

Strength of the Sword Ultimate Game Release Expansion Announcement

The two-man team at Ivent have made Strength of the Sword Ultimate, “the kind of game you beat instead of finish” after working “in the garage for five years”. Their efforts have already paid off with an initial $14,000 Kickstarter goal met for this “3D fighter vs brawler with old-school vibe”.

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February 17, 2015 • Gaming, News

RPG Industry Veterans Announce Sword Coast Legends Coming in Late 2015

I love the classic Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms settings, places like Blackmoor and Greyhawk, Neverwinter and Icewind Dale and more. But you can’t think about Dungeons and Dragons without the Sword Coast, bound by Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep. This is the setting for the exciting upcoming game Sword Coast Legends – just announced, and …

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February 17, 2015 • Gaming, Reviews

‘Harold’ PC Game Review: How Good of a Guardian Angel Are You?

Controller required for Moon Spider’s single player side-scrolling platformer Harold. This PC exclusive game also offers players two role-playing personas – superstar guardian angel Gabriel who gets matched up with the least talented runner named Harold.

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February 16, 2015 • Gaming, News

SEGA Game Sales Slip: Is It Game Over?

SEGA (short for SErvice GAmes) recently encountered a setback in their continuing video game production, as their mainstay franchise didn’t make a big sales boom and instead lost some gold rings in the market.

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February 13, 2015 • Gaming, News

Timelines: Assault On America Mobile is a Classic RTS for Tablets!

Real Time Strategy games continue to be popular on the PC, but they are about to open up to a whole new fan base with the upcoming alternate reality game Timelines: Assault On America Mobile. Timelines is launching on February 17th on iOS and Android, more than a year after it released on Mac & …

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February 12, 2015 • Gaming, News

Wadjet Eye Releases New Playable Character Video for Technobabylon

Last month I wrote about the announcement from Wadjet Eye of their upcoming game Technobabylon. Due to the involvement of Wadjet Eye and the ‘adventure cyberpunk thriller’ description I was immediately captivated and remain excited about the release. Now they have released a new trailer and group of screens looking at the playable character Latha …

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February 12, 2015 • Gaming, News

Sci-Fi 4X Strategy Game Galactic Inheritors Launches on Steam Early Access

I reviewed Hearts of Iron III here and was able to “unequivocally recommend” it for “hardcore strategy gamers”. Now some of the people behind that game and other strategy classics have formed ChrisPon games and are announcing a science fiction 4X strategy title called Galactic Inheritors is now available for Windows PC on Steam’s Early …

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February 12, 2015 • Gaming, News

Help Out with Their Galaxy Multiplayer Stress Test! announced their online multiplayer service Galaxy last summer and launched in Alpha more recently with support for a few of their multiplayer games. Now they are getting closer to a wider release, and they are looking for help doing a ‘stress test‘ of their servers! The test is this coming weekend – keep reading …

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February 11, 2015 • Gaming, News

Nebulous, Physics-based Sci-Fi Puzzler Coming to PC, PS4 and Oculus Rift!

Physics puzzle games have a great history on the PC, going back to The Incredible Machine in the early 90s. They challenge you to create or solve complex systems based on a simulation of real-world physics. Portal took things to a new level, and now Nebulous looks to bring a Sci-Fi puzzler to the PS4 …

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February 11, 2015 • Gaming, News

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Gets Over Six Million Participants/Suggested Improvements Continue

The Battlefield Hardline Open Beta ended early this week with a final tally of over six million participants whose voices are being heard as Visceral/Electronic Arts work for improvements before this game officially releases as a hopefully lucky 13th installment in the Battlefield game series in about five weeks.

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February 11, 2015 • Gaming, News

High Seas Sandbox Action Game ‘Windward’ Coming to PC, Mac and Linux!

I remember playing Sid Meier’s Pirates! for the first time – I had missed the 1987 game but fell in love with the 2004 release, playing it on every platform since. Now a new sandbox action Windward is coming to Steam Early Access with plans for a Q2 2015 release on PC, Mac, and Linux! …

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February 10, 2015 • Gaming, Reviews

Grim Fandango Remastered Review – Bringing the Joy of Death Back into Style

It is hard to separate the nostalgic of replaying Grim Fandango for the first time since sitting in front of a big old 17″ CRT in 1999 from the reality of playing it on a 5″ Playstation Vita screen in 2015. But regardless, a great game remains a great game – and Grim Fandango is …

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February 10, 2015 • Gaming, News

Check out First Footage of Legend of Grimrock on iPad, Coming This Spring!

One of my favorite recent game franchises is Legend of Grimrock – the grid-based dungeon crawler is a modern take and a throw-back to classic games like Eye of the Beholder. The game has been released for Mac and PC, and a PC sequel arrived recently, now we get to see the iPad port in …

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February 9, 2015 • Gaming, News

Resident Evil Digital Release Takes Top Spot

Capcom has video game players seeing red as they celebrate Valentine’s Day week with the recently released Resident Evil becoming the new all-time best-selling digital title in North America and Europe.

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February 6, 2015 • Crowdfunding, Gaming, News

Surreal Puzzle Platformer ‘Tulpa’ Now Available on Steam

Whenever I see a game like Tulpa, I go back several years when it seemed the small developer was gone, that everything was headed to AAA games on consoles. Fortunately that didn’t happen, and innovation is alive and well, as demonstrated in Tulpa, described as a surreal puzzle platformer. It is now available for PC, …

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February 6, 2015 • Crowdfunding, Gaming, News

Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Seeks to Revive RPG Classic!

Back in the pre-Doom world of 1992, Ultima Underworld was a revelation – coming before Wolfenstein 3D it offered 3D immersion, player-based choice and consequences, and a richly detailed and dynamic world to explore. The game was hugely influential and led to games such as Thief and Deus Ex. Now the adventure continues with Underworld …

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February 6, 2015 • Gaming, News

First Sims 4 Expansion Pack Announcement

The Sims 4 will get to work in April 2015 in the first expansion pack for the popular game series. Available on PC and Mac, The Sims 4 Get to Work features three career and a create your own business

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February 4, 2015 • Gaming, News

Haunting Sci-Fi Adventure Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock Coming Feb 17th

After taking us to the peaks of humour with Supreme League of Patriots, Phoenix Online Publishing teams up with Red Herring Labs to announce the upcoming game Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock. Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock is a chillingly alien and atmospheric sci-fi first-person point-and-click adventure, will make its debut for PC and Mac on February …

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