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Get Ready for SamBerry: Is Samsung About to Buy Blackberry?

Rumors are swirling from CNBC that Samsung is looking to snatch up Blackberry for their patent portfolio (and presumably whatever positive goodwill still exists in the Blackberry name). Several suitors have been rumored for Blackberry, but Samsung certainly has the cash, and the incentive in the form of their ongoing arms race with Apple.

Would You Buy a 12″ iPad? Question of the Day

It’s been a few weeks since Apple announced their new iPads so it’s past time for the next round of Apple rumors to start. Most recently is the rumor that Cupertino is moving forward with production of the 12″ iPad (a Max-iPad??). Would you buy an oversized iPad or is that just overkill? Let us know in the comments below.

iPad Mini Oh My Aching Wrists, Let It Be REAL!

I’m sitting outside reading and checking the site on my new iPad. (Okay, and I’m also playing through Kingdom Rush for the third time. They really NEED to come out with Kingdom Rush 2 already!!) And while I’m really loving my iPad, I am hoping the rumors about the iPad-mini are actually true. Sure, as we noted here, the smaller… Read More ›

Amazon’s Proposed eBook Subscription Service: A Round Peg in a Square Hole?

The Wall Street Journal weighed in over the weekend with a very interesting and surprising rumor. Supposedly, Amazon has been shopping an “ebook subscription service” around to publishers, in an effort to bundle ebooks with Prime membership. Sort of like Netflix for eooks. The closest analog to this is the old “Book of the Month Club” type deals, but this… Read More ›

iOS 5.0 Voice-to-Text Cometh??

As a general rule we don’t cover rumors here on the site. Every now and then however there is a bit of juicy information that is so deeply rooted in fact that taking the leap toward believing the rumor is pretty easy. This is one of those cases and, truth be told, I have a hard time seeing this NOT… Read More ›

B&N and Amazon Planning Big eReader Hardware Refreshes?

Looks like B&N and Amazon aren’t resting on their past successes. Rumors are pegging both companies as having some refreshed hardware coming soon, possibly a tablet for Amazon and an original NOOK refresh for B&N! Let’s start with Amazon’s tablet. The rumor, admittedly unconfirmed, is that some sort of LCD-based device is coming from Amazon later this year to combat… Read More ›

JK Rowling to Finally Declare “Uncle” (er…”Kindle”)?

Good news for Harry Potter fans! There’s a rumor that JK Rowling may have finally been persuaded that the vast army of Kindles, NOOKs and iPads should also be sprinkled with some wizarding magic, and the Harry Potter series may actually come to ebook form! According to The Scotsman: The Edinburgh-based writer has an estimated £620m fortune following record-breaking sales… Read More ›

Is Apple Going to Boot eBook Apps? My Conspiracy Theory…

(image courtesy ConspiracyLOL) I might be seeing conspiracies where there aren’t any, but I think I see a pattern in many business decisions going on in the eBook market lately. We’re all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the outcome of the in-app purchasing drama, and so far no one’s (overtly) talking. But reading between the lines… Read More ›

GD Quickie: It’s ALL in the Timing

Person A to Person B- “I want you to ask me two questions. The first is ‘What is your profession?’ and the second is “What’s the hardest thing about your job?’” Person B to Person A- “OK. What is your profession?” Person A to Person B- “I’m a blogging comedian.” And without waiting for the second question continues, “Timing!” Okay,… Read More ›

Rumor: Apple to Make Mobile Me Free?

As is true for many Mac users, I remember not-so-fondly back in 2002 when the nifty and free iTools became the very similar but not-even-close-to-free .Mac … and then later got renamed to Mobile Me. While many users find the tools useful and therefore subscribe, there is nearly constant discussion about the pricing model and comparisons about the services offered… Read More ›