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EyeFly 3D Nanoglass: Will It Protect the iPhone In 3D?

It is always smart to utilize a screen protector to keep your iPhone screen safe and sound. What if you were able to protect the precious screen while also achieving 3D media viewing? This is actually possible with the EyeFly 3D Nanoglass screen protector. For just $29.95, the screen protector and free apps promise to bring the iPhone to life. 

Spigen GLAStR NANO SLIM Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z2

My search for the best way to protect my new Sony Xperia Z2 led me to the Spigen GLAStR NANO SLIM Screen Protector. At $39.99 it is a pricey proposition, but if you want excellent protection with no loss of clarity or sensitivity, it can’t be beat. Thankfully, for your $40 expenditure you get both screen AND back protection.

Save Your S5’s Screen with the ZAGG Glass Screen Protector

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a huge beautiful screen that puts the iPhone 5S to shame. I was worried enough about protecting mine that I kept the protective shipping plastic in place. It reduced the clarity and touch sensitivity but helped guarantee the screen stayed safe until a better option arrived; the ZAGG Glass Screen Protector is that better option.

Holy Grail Tempered Glass Screen Protector Winners

We reviewed the Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail Tempered Glass Screen Protector and announced it was shipping and widely available. We also had one black and one white screen protector for the iPhone 5S away. Well, the winners have been picked and they are… I have one of these screen protectors on my iPhone 5S and love it. I finally… Read More ›

Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014

Earlier this week Dan reported that Corning introduced anti-microbial glass this week at CES, which is great news for next-generation devices. But for now, all we get is the knowledge that our touch-screens are gross. Fortunately Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014 to address our filthy screens, as our phones and tablets are dirtier than toilet seats! Here… Read More ›

Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass Quick Review

I recently recounted my horror at dropping my iPhone 5S. I was relieved to realize that just the glass screen protector broke, and the iPhone was fine. The only bummer was the fact that I no longer had a pricey glass screen protector. Three days later the Armorz Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone 5s arrived for review.

TRÜ-FIT HD Anti-Glare Screen Protector Review – Stress Dissipation at Its Best

While Gorilla Glass is amazingly strong and scratch-resistent, it is not impervious – and for the price we pay for smartphones, it makes sense to protect them as much as possible. Screen protectors have been around since the earliest touch-screen devices in the early 90s, and while they are not the necessity they were back then, having something to protect… Read More ›

Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail Screen Protector Review

Screen protectors. They aren’t the most exciting of smartphone accessories. They are, however, rather important if you want to keep your smartphone’s screen pristine. The Holy Grail of screen protectors? One that is easy to install, nearly invisible when in place and uber-protective. After all, replacing an iPhone 5’s screen can cost well over $200. That’s where Sir Lancelot’s Armor… Read More ›

Liquid-Armor Invisible Nano-Coating Tech Screen Protector for Tablets and eReaders Review

all photos by Kevin Stanford Like many who ordered an iPhone 5 when they were first available, I didn’t have any kind of case, screen protector, or protective skin on hand when mine arrived. I did have a review sample of Dynaflo’s Liquid-Armor, however. Nano-coating tech? What’s that all about? I was ready to find out! Included in the package… Read More ›

SPIGEN SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector for iPad, Review

We recently reviewed SPIGEN SGP’s GLAS.t screen protector for the iPhone 4S. (Read the review.) The review sample was my second GLAS.t for iPhone because, quite frankly, I messed up the install on the first. Thankfully, the second one went better and, while still not perfect, the screen protector is good enough that I continue to use it. Honestly, at… Read More ›

The NewerTechnology NuVue Clear and Privacy Shield iPad Screen Protectors Review

One of the best features of the new Apple iPad is its gorgeous screen which is meant to be constantly touched, pinched and flicked. As a result, the screen is often left exposed and vulnerable to scratches even when the iPad isn’t being used. Adding a protector just makes sense. I was recently sent two screen protector samples from NewerTechnology,… Read More ›

Review: ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad

When getting a new device, I always like to protect it from scratches, both front and back.  Screens have become a lot more durable on high-priced devices, but even so, I get nervous.  Further, some of these devices have high-gloss screens that can be hard to read because they are highly reflective and show fingerprints and smudges easily. ZAGG has… Read More ›

Review: Customized ZAGGskins for Mobile Devices

Since debuting in 2005, ZAGG’s “invisibleSHIELD” has been a very popular protective skin for the wide range of devices for which it is made.  The invisibleSHIELD’s military grade film offers good protection from scrapes, dings, and scratches without adding a lot of bulk to the device on which it’s used. Building on the success of the invisibleSHIELD, ZAGG recently introduced… Read More ›