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Stuffa Jacket Holds ALL Your Stuff

 (image courtesy Stuffa) The folks at Gizmodo have stumbled upon a fascinating new clothing line, called the “Stuffa” jacket. It’s a jacket with pockets designed to hold several day’s worth of clothing. What an original concept. I wonder where they got the idea from… Actually, all sarcasm aside, the creator says he had the idea while watching people get creamed… Read More ›

Keen Waimea H2, the Ugly Sandals You Will Love, Review

Warning, if you care about style do not read this post. Warning, if you’re self-conscious don’t read this post. Warning, if you can’t handle a bit of ridicule don’t read this post. Okay, if you are still reading this post then you clearly don’t care about style, aren’t all that self-conscious, and can handle a bit of ridicule from your… Read More ›

C9 By Champion Flip Top “Glommit” Review

It hasn’t been too cold yet this winter, but I am sure now that it is January the cooler temps will be coming. And like every year, I’ll have two issues. One, my hands get super cold when I run, but then they heat up in gloves, necessitating a gloves on/gloves off routine every half mile. Second, using a smartphone… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST Camp Shirt review

When I was getting ready for last week’s vacation, I knew I needed a few more shirts to lounge around in. T-shirts are great, but when you are going out to dinner or stopping by a local hotspot for fried fish, french fries, fried plantains and beer (seriously the place was AWESOME), you want something a little nicer. I have had… Read More ›

“Siri, Find Me T-Shirts Featuring You…”

The other day Mike went on a bit of a tear about Siri, its outage last week and loneliness. This from the guy who sent me information that a t-shirt featuring Siri was on sale at Tanga.com a few weeks ago. (Yes, Mike is a Siri-enabler!!) Seriously? Who is Siri-smitten enough to actually spend money (albeit discounted) on Siri garb? Well,… Read More ›

The Fila Skeletoes 2.0 Review

To best describe Fila Skeletoes, you need a bit of background. When I started running last year, I became enamored with the barefoot running concept, but found my feet just couldn’t adjust to it. So I tried Vibram Five Fingers, which were great for walking around but didn’t work well for me for running. After a great deal of experimenting… Read More ›

Review: Oberon Designs Women’s Wallet

I’m a simple leather wallet type of girl. In fact, I’ve had the same worn men’s wallet from Target for several years. But when I’m out at a business meeting, or at a formal event, it’s not the best image when I reach for my wallet and whip out my Target special. So when Oberon offered me the chance to… Read More ›

Review: Freestyle Buzz 2.0 Wristwatch

While preparing for our family vacation, which included a morning at surf school, I realized I no longer had a rugged watch. I’d owned several over the years, including an Ironman that lasted from Basic Training through several overseas trips before finally succumbing to a broken strap and went missing somewhere in the desert. Surfing…salt water…surf watch? Freestyle is a company… Read More ›