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GD Quickie Review: Spibelt

I have made it no secret that I was in search of the perfect way to transport my phone while I run. I’ve tried jackets with zippers, armbands, clips…nothing has been quite right. Until last Saturday, where I saw the Spibelt at a race expo. At first I thought it looked pretty dorky; effectively it’s a fanny pack for running…. Read More ›

NXE ActiveSleeve Review + Giveaway!

I have an ongoing issue when I run. I carry my Droid both because it tracks my runs for me but also because I am an early morning runner and feel better having my phone with me. The problem, as you may know, is that the Droid is not a small phone. It’s uncomfortable to carry in my hand and… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

When I first heard that SCOTTEVEST was releasing a sport coat, I didn’t know what to think. I did, however, know that I wanted one. There’s no big surprise there, considering the fact that I wear something from the company pretty much each and every day. I’m grateful to SeV’s Scott Jordan for giving me the opportunity to review one… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST Women’s Trench Review

You see that big ol’ grin on my face? Simply put, it’s because I’ve finally found the perfect trench coat! When done correctly, a woman’s trench coat is the perfect jacket. A trench keeps its wearer warm, but it isn’t too heavy; trench coats are belted, so the woman wearing one gains an instant hourglass figure — whether she has… Read More ›

Misc. Gear Review: GloveTips, Make Any Pair Of Gloves Touch Screen Comptabile

In the North East, during winter, using our touchscreen enabled devices outside becomes difficult. No, not because the screens don’t function well in cold temperatures. Because we are often times wearing gloves! Imagine the situation. Your iPhone is buried deep in your pocket. A call comes in. You fumble for your phone and try to “slide to unlock” with your… Read More ›

Bright Night StrideLight Lighted Jacket Review

One of the best things about running is the simplicity. Get up, tie your shoes and go! That works when it’s summertime, but lately it seems I need to load down with more and more gear just to get out the door. Shoes, running tights, long sleeved shirt, jacket, wool hat, gloves…and since I run early in the mornings, a… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST Carry-On Coat Review

SCOTTEVEST recently rolled out another neat travel product. In this case it is a coat that is specifically designed for travel. The SeV CARRY-ON COAT has 33 pockets (33!!!!!) and can actually be used to replace a carry-on. Here’s how Scott describes the jacket on the site… Sometimes when going on a trip, people choose to “pack light,” and this… Read More ›

Don’t Want The TSA Checking Out Your “Stuff”? This Underwear is for You!

SCOTTEVEST recently released, and we reviewed, new travel boxers that have a pocket built-in. Forget the pocket… they are just plain comfortable. Now there’s a new line of undergarments available. No, they aren’t for the tech-lover or the frequent traveler but rather these bras and underwear are intended to keep prying TSA eyes from checking out your “stuff”. Yes, lead-free,… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST SeV Travel Boxers Review

I know this is going to come as a shock to those of who you frequent the site but… I love SCOTTEVEST clothing. I wear one of their jackets pretty much every day, I love my SeV hoodie and, recently, I got some of their Q-Zip and performance t-shirts which I pretty much live in when I’m not in a… Read More ›

SCOTTEVEST Revolution Plus Review

Last year I all but lived in my SCOTTEVEST Evolution Jacket during CES 2010. The Evolution was perfect. As a jacket it was great for the early morning chill in Vegas and since it was from SCOTTEVEST it held a ton of gear. As the day heated up the zip-off sleeves converted the Evolution into a vest that still carried… Read More ›

Gear Gadget Review: The Flipside x2

Last night I went to pay for something. I pulled out my wallet and the woman behind the counter looked at it and said, “Now that’s a nifty gadget!” “Thanks,” I said, “I like everything about it but the color; I wish it were black.” “NOOO! she said, that’s my favorite color. I love it!” As I walked away I… Read More ›