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Early Thoughts on Ubuntu Touch

At lunch today I was able to load up a version of Ubuntu’s touch based OS on my Asus EeePad Transformer, because I had come across a post on the infamous XDA forums from a hacker who has actually gotten this to work.  Well … it works in that it boots!  So I decided to try it, just to get… Read More ›

LinuxMint Project Releases the mintBox, a PC the Size of a Router

I have long been a fan of Clement “Clem” Lefebvre’s distribution of Linux that goes by the name LinuxMint.  LinuxMint is based on the popular Ubuntu distribution of Linux and also has a version that is based on the Debian distribution of Linux.  LinuxMint is sleek and sticks to a traditional desktop style interface unlike Ubuntu’s Unity Interface and the new interface… Read More ›

Review: Jolicloud OS

Netbooks are all the rage, and while Linux did start out on netbooks, it seems Microsoft has been getting the lion share of the shipments.  Well, if you have a netbook and are tired of Windows XP, but your hardware is too anemic Windows Vista or you don’t think you are geek enough for Linux, maybe you should try Jolicloud…. Read More ›