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June 2, 2008 • Reviews

The i-mate Ultimate 8502 Unboxed and Discussed

This is one i-mate model which I think a lot of people have been eager to explore, the Ultimate 8502 which features a full QWERTY thumbboard on its lower half. Those who prefer the Treo or BlackJack form factor will appreciate the 8502’s candy bar style as well as the fact that using the keyboard …

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May 31, 2008 • Reviews

The i-mate Ultimate 6150 Unboxed and Discussed

Meet the Ultimate 6150. As you may recall, this was the device that I felt was the most “old-school PDA-like” back in January when I first saw it, because it didn’t have a built-in keyboard or an extended numeric pad. Instead, the 6150 has a relatively clean front panel. But as usual, I am getting …

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May 22, 2008 • Reviews

The MWg Zinc II Unboxed and Discussed

It was almost a year ago that Clinton posted his review of the O2 Zinc, and since then a lot has changed. As I mentioned in my MWg Mobius posting, O2 was purchased by eXpansys, and as part of the purchase eXpansys acquired everything and has now rebranded the company as MWg. Today I’m going …

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May 15, 2008 • Gear Bits

Unboxing the HTC Advantage 7510

This is going to be a much quicker unboxing than I usually like to do, mainly because it is almost 3am Texas time, and I have to be up in 5 hours to get ready for the next Mobius session. Anyway! After our dinner tonight, Matt Miller, Ed Hardy, Joel Evans and I met up …

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March 12, 2008 • Reviews

The Samsung SGH-i620 Windows Mobile Smartphone Review, Part One

The first time I saw the Samsung i620 in the flesh was in the lobby of the Amsterdam Hilton last November. Derek Snyder had brought a white one to Mobius, and Vincent and I couldn’t wait to play with it! Vincent is one of those guys who always has a video camera glued to his …

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March 12, 2008 • Reviews

The A-DATA Disney T703 Mickey USB Flash Drive Review

Were you a Disney Kid? I sure was. I grew up watching reruns of the Mickey Mouse Club…the original series. I didn’t think twice about the fact that the show was already 20 years old, or that it was in black and white, because up until second grade our TV was black and white anyway. …

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February 14, 2008 • Reviews

Setting Up and Using the Roomba 560

Today I unboxed and set up my recently received iRobot Roomba 560 evaluation unit. I figured it might be fun for those of you who are curious to see what’s involved…and then we could send it on a test run together. Consider this part one of its review, because I will be posting initial impressions …

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January 21, 2008 • Reviews

I can hear you: The Sennheiser BW900 Bluetooth Wireless Office Headset REVIEW

In today’s mobile work world, many are escaping the cubicle world by working at home or at least telecommuting. Even stay at home moms (and dads) are able to conduct thriving cottage businesses thanks to eBay, biz dev or creative arts scenarios – the possibilities are endless, especially for entrepreneurs. Having worked at home for …

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January 21, 2008 • Reviews

Unboxing the Litter-Robot

If you own a cat, then you know that there is one part of pet ownership that can suck the joy out of the experience. No, I am not talking about hearing your cat hacking up hairballs in the middle of the night while she is sleeping on the bed next to you (not that …

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January 19, 2008 • Reviews

E-TEN X800 Unboxing

The E-TEN X800 is here!! As promised, here is the grand unboxing.  I really enjoyed this, as the X800 seems to be a truly awesome device.  I’ve owned a number of different E-TEN devices, the M500, the G500, the M700, and now the X800 (and soon to be X650).  I was really concerned about this …

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December 17, 2007 • Reviews

A Look at the Vodafone Palm Treo 500v

A look at a device we don’t have here in the States, just yet! Pretty Box, don’t ya think?

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December 11, 2007 • Reviews

ASUS Eee PC 8GB Unboxing

Somehow word of the ASUS Eee PC flew under my radar. I had no clue as to its existence until the first week of November (two weeks after the US launch) when a colleague at work informed me of this low cost ultra compact portable computer. After hearing the brief details and that the computer …

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November 19, 2007 • Reviews

The Pantech Duo Unboxing

Say Hello to the little Beast – The Pantech Duo Overview

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November 6, 2007 • Gear Bits

My First Nokia, the Nokia N95

My name is Judie, and I have never owned a Nokia mobile phone; I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t, it just never happened. It’s not that I haven’t been curious, especially with the release of some of Nokia’s newer models – such as the N81, the N92, N93, and yes – the N95, but …

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October 10, 2007 • Reviews

The Palm Centro Review, Part One

Things have been so crazy today (in a good way, thanks for asking), that I am just now getting settled down to tell you about the package that showed up this morning. Inside that FedEx box was the brand new fire engine red ruby Palm Centro, the $99 Palm OS smartphone that was announced earlier …

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October 3, 2007 • Reviews

The Device that never was: Palm Foleo

Well here ya go, the unboxing of the device that never was: The Palm Foleo Ah a new toy that was never meant to be. What to do, what to do…I know, Play Time.

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October 3, 2007 • Reviews

The AT&T Tilt Unboxed and Discussed

Yesterday, as my Fujitsu T4215 was experiencing an irritating hardware failure, and as the whole world was grinding to a complete stop, a box in a plain brown wrapper showed up on my doorstep. I had had little advance notice, and there was absolutely no fanfare. Inside, was this – the new AT&T Tilt, AKA …

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June 17, 2007 • Reviews

Unboxing the HTC Mogul, Sprint’s New WM6 Phone

I got a sweet surprise from HTC on Friday: the brand new Sprint HTC Mogul, which is a major upgrade to the HTC Apache / Sprint PPC-6700 and which incedentally does not appear to be called the PPC-6800 anywhere but on its battery. I’ll have the use of it for a month, and a full …

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June 6, 2007 • Reviews

The Samsung Q1P Unboxing

I have always had a passion for gadgets, and it seems that I am always the guy with the newest, most cutting edge device. I have been intrigued by the concept of the UMPC since its inception as the Origami project. I had only once had the chance to play with one and it was …

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April 12, 2007 • Reviews

Unboxing the Plantronics Pulsar 260 Stereo Bluetooth: The review

It didn?t seem that long ago that I visited a local users group regarding Bluetooth ? the takeaway phrase was walking around with your own personal wireless network. Technology has surged ahead indeed reminiscent to first riding a bicycle in my youth: ?Look Mom, no hands!? to ?Look Mom, no wires!? So what is Bluetooth …

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January 20, 2007 • Reviews

Unboxing the Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC

How did you ring in 2007? At about 11:50, I got online and placed my last gadget order of 2006 at the Fujitsu site, buying the T4215 Tablet PC. It has been an agonizing 20 days waiting for my first non-UMPC tablet to show up, but it finally shipped from Osaka Japan on the 15th …

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