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UPDATED: Verizon FiOS: A Rant and a Rave

UPDATE: After this post went live, I received an email from Verizon. They were very concerned about the experience I had, and the frustration I expressed here. I talked with them about the plan we were on, and what bundles made more sense given what we were looking to accomplish (saving money since we didn’t need super-fancy pants TV). To… Read More ›

Review: Motorola Krave ZN4 on Verizon Wireless

We all know that Apple changed the game when it came to cell phones. The iPhone’s interface is second to none currently; everyone and their brother is now trying to out do Apple. Motorola has come up with a really interesting take on a touchscreen interface that has a lot of influence from Verizon.

Review: Verizon Wireless Palm Centro

Whether you believe it or not; I, the super duper Linux geek, have never used a smartphone…until now.  Yes, during the writing of this review was the first time I have everbeen able to use a smartphone for an extended period of time.  Yes, the Centro was covered by Gear Diary when Sprint brought it out and when AT&T brought… Read More ›