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Appigo Releases Todo Exchange Tasks for iPhone

When the iPhone was first released, it was clear that the device was awesome but not meant for enterprise. Sure, you could surf the web, listen to music, make calls and much more, but the device was not for people doing serious work. Fast forward a few years, and all that has changed. There are now dozens and dozens of… Read More ›

NeatReceipts Scanner and Software Package Review

Last July we reviewed the NeatDest scanner and software system from Neat. (Read the review.) Here’s how I began the review One of the keys to Apple’s remarkable success with their iOS devices is the fact that they control both the hardware and the software side of things. Good software is nice to have. So is nice hardware. But when… Read More ›

Brydge + iPad: Kickstart This!

The Brydge is a Kickstarter Project that Judie came across. It is a keyboard, case, speaker in one that effectively turns the iPad into a laptop. The funding goal was $90,000 and they have thus far raised over $460,000 in pledges with 30 days to go. Here’s the rundown.   Project Title: Brydge + iPad: Do more. Status: In Progress Closing… Read More ›

JustMobile AluCube Mini Review

There are some products that just make sense from the minute you see them. Within seconds you know what the product is all about and it is instantly clear why the product exists. This is not one of those products. No, the JustMobile AluCube Mini is one of those products that looks like nothing more than a money grab- a… Read More ›

Aranez Swivel New iPad 3 Leather Case Review

This is not the first time we have had the opportunity to look at one of the gorgeous leather cases offered by Aranez. We reviewed their Kangaroo Leather case for the iPad 2 (read it here) along with as their great-looking Mirage case for the iPhone 4 (read it here). We’ve always been impressed with their design, commitment to creating… Read More ›

Brookstone’s iConvert Scanner for iPad Review

I was at Brookstone the other day and saw a couple of cool ideas that work with Apple’s iDevices. The first is the iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet. The iConvert scanner is “The easy, accurate way to save documents as JPEG files on your favorite tablet. Works with the all-new iPad!” Let’s take a look. Here’s what Brookstone has to say… Read More ›