Unboxing the Litter-Robot

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Unboxing the Litter-Robot Listen to this article

If you own a cat, then you know that there is one part of pet ownership that can suck the joy out of the experience. No, I am not talking about hearing your cat hacking up hairballs in the middle of the night while she is sleeping on the bed next to you (not that Avah ever has or ever would do that, mind you), I am talking about cleaning out the litter box.

Ever since Sarah and I added the marvelous Avah to our family, we have taken the good with the bad: snuggles, purring, and lap-warming for twice-weekly sifting. Although keeping her box tidy isn’t too big of a chore when it is my turn to do it, I can think of 20 other things I would rather be doing. :-P

Today I received a review sample of the LitterRobot, which I requested based on Gear Diary reader Michael Harmon’s recommendation. Michael says it is like a cement mixer, I say it is like a spaceship, and Avah says it looks pretty interesting to her. Here are a series of pictures where Avah checks out her new digs (pun intended), gives her impressions in her own words, and my unboxing and setup videos come at the end.

o hai. welcum to mi spaceship

is gravly inzides. i mite likes to plai

is rumie inzide 2. i has rume to turns aroun

u stil hrr?

taztes gud! nom nom nom

u likes mai nu bed?

mebbe iz not just for laiing

ok. am dun in hrr

Avah has left the Litter-Robot.

Okay then.

And now I bring you the unboxing…

…and the incredibly easy setup…

I’ll have a full review posted in the upcoming weeks. Until then, kthnxbai! ;-)

You can learn more about Litter-Robot here.


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