Verizon BlackBerry Storm Video Review

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Jason D. O’Grady of The Apple Core posted up a nice video of the soon to be released BlackBerry Storm (11/21 release date via Verizon) which is Research In Motion’s eagerly anticipated entry into the world of touch screen devices. I’m still in the “wait and see” camp on this device. I’m concerned about a lack of innovative touch applications and think most early purchasers will buy on impulse not realizing there’s no App Store (yet) and a real lack of applications. To get a sense of my definition of “lack of innovative applications” compare FaceBook for BlackBerry to FaceBook for iPhone. Even though the BlackBerry edition has been out longer than that for iPhone – the latter version is almost an exact replica of the FaceBook experience while BlackBerry’s version has a dated feel (similar to many of their apps).

The Apple Core via CrackBerry

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