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Swingline 67 Electric Stapler Review

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One of the items taken for granted on a office desk is the manual stapler. Besides the pencil cup, ruler, paper clips and a tape dispenser, the manual stapler is a necessity for clerical workers to keep important papers organized.

With the advances in in-office printing equipment, from fax machines and mimeograph machines to multicopy printing of 100 copies plus demand more stapling.

Medical research indicate repetive motion of fastening multiple copies, particularly in large businesses producing TPS reports can actually be hazardous with low morale, stress disorders and anger management. Fortunately, there is a solution at hand.


Swingline, manufacturers of the ubiquitous black stapler, has introduced an electric stapler. With a built in solenoid switch, the Swingline Model 67 Electric Stapler replicates the exact fist pounding pressure to fasten up to 25 sheets of 20lb bond paper.

Built in features include an adjustable paper gauge for various card stock. This is ideal for mixing and matching different types of paper, such as construction paper, index cards and regular paper for applications such as baby shower invitations.


There is a safety shut-off for child protection or office horseplay.  The rubber suction feet assist in keeping the Swingline Model 67 Electric Stapler from “walking” across the table during a stapling session. While made of plastic and metal, the electric stapler is easy to use for all age groups from interns to elderly preparing church bulletins. Similar to heavy duty equipment found at printers, the Model 67 Electric Stapler can handle custom tasks such as side stapling with ease (in place of a three ring hole punch) with a depth adjustable  to 1″.

The side knob opens the front loading carrier with a full strip (#210) of standard Swingline ¼” staples.

MSRP: $178.99 available at fine office supply stores.

What I Like: Less fist pounding and decrease of sprained wrists for large stapling tasks. Long 6 foot 3 prong power cord.

What Needs Improvement: Quieter fastening.

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