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Joby Gorillapod and Gorillamobile Review

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Joby Gorillapod and Gorillamobile Review

Joby Gorillapod and Gorillamobile

Kids, don’t try this at home. No, not because the awesome, amazing super-useful Gorillamobile might release and send you precious iPhone crashing to the ground, odds are it won’t, but you never know when you didn’t tighten the suction cup on the back of the case just right. But isn’t it fun to know you COULD hang your iPhone upside down?

The folks at Joby have been kind enough to let me take a close look at both their Gorillamobile and Gorillapod mobile device stands, and I’m impressed.

Both the Gorillapod and the Gorillamobile are device stands that, unlike traditional tripods, are flexible enough to use in a wide variety of settings and are able to “grab” onto a handlebar, windowsill or… as you can see above… a doorframe.

Let’s take a closer look…




This is the original. Designed to work with devices that already have a tripod mount built into the bottom, it comes in four different sizes. This lets you choose the right Gorilla for your device. For example, the original supports devices up to 11.5 oz and is perfect for a small camcorder like the flip. The largest, the Focus, can handle up to 1.1lbs and is great for big, professional cameras.

Each comes with a slightly different connector.

left to right: Original, SLR, SLR-Zoom, Focus

left to right: Original, SLR, SLR-Zoom, Focus

The smaller Gorillas, the Original and SLR, have lockrings so the connector can be switched out for other types such as suction cup and adhesive clips (sold separately) while the larger Gorillas, The SLR-Zoom and the Focus, have permanent connectors.

Prices range from an MSRP of  $21.95 all the way to $99.95 depending on the model.



If you plan on only using your Gorilla with an iPhone, Flip, small digital camera or GPS the new Gorillamobile is for you.

The Gorillamobile IS the small-size Gorilla. It, however, comes packaged with all three kinds of protectors- 1/4″ tripod screw, the suction cup clip and the high-bond adhesive clip. That means that out of the box it will work with a host of different devices. I tried it with my iPhone, Flip, Canon FS100 Camcorder and Lumix FZ28. It worked perfectly with the first three and, while held the Lumix it did seem to be approaching the upper limit of its ability to weight-bear.

I’ve tried the Gorillamobile in a variety of settings, from standing a device on a flat surface to configuring it to hold a device horizontally on the corner of a desk. It worked perfectly each time. I now have one of the adhesive connectors attached to an extra iPhone case and the tripod screw attached to the Flip. It is a great accessory and one that I now carry with me all the time!

EDIT: Mitchell put this video on the comments but I’ve added it here because… ell because it is an awesome use of the Gorilla…

What I Like:

Works great, flexible (the legs and the uses!), numerous options for almost any device

What Needs Improvement:

Honestly nothing, I’m not sure why anyone would use a straight-legged tripod again!

MSRP starting at $21.95. Available directly from Joby. and other retailers.

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