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Don’t Copy That 2 reminds you to … not copy stuff!

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So how many folks remember that public service announcement (PSA) ‘Don’t Copy That Floppy’? Well, the folks at Consumerist have noticed that an ‘Official Sequel’ has been released, ‘Don’t Copy That 2’ that reminds you that copying and especially profiting from making copies is a serious crime … and the new video is every bit as ‘hip’ as the original!

Here it is:

And here is the original from 1991!

It is interesting that the original features members of the then-hot and now-defunct SSI (Strategic Simulations Inc.) … and that the game featured was Neverwinter Nights (no, not THAT one). Before the 2002 Bioware classic there was another Neverwinter Nights (possible because it is part of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons license each company had) … and this one was the first online multiplayer game (early MMO) with a graphical display. The game played over AOL, which co-produced it.

Some interesting nuggets of history.

Source: Consumerist

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