Which Automated Cat Litter Box Is Better, CatGenie or Litter-Robot?

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3) Do the plastic litter scatter about more than regular litter even with dome?

Not really. Avah likes to kick litter whether it be plastic or traditional. I just figure that we are always going to have a little bit to clean up one or twice a day with any style litter box; if your cat is a kicker too, then you will always have a bit of clean up, no matter what you use. That’s just one of the un-fun things about owning a cat, I guess.

4) Would a large male Ragdoll fit in both?

Absolutely. There is plenty of room in either the Litter-Robot or the CatGenie. Avah is fully grown and weighs about 16 pounds; she doesn’t even begin to fill her box. June & Steven’s cat Tom is a big boy – just under 20 pounds (he is fat, not one of those cats who just looks big but is all hair) – and he still has plenty of room in the Litter-Robot.

5) Smells of both. Mixed reports here. I don’t have an exhaust in the laundry….does the poop really bake in the genie? Also do you use unscented or scented solution? which is the best smell wise?

This is a two-part answer. On the CatGenie 120, yes the poop baked because the damn machine did not properly clean it! It was disgusting! Enough to run you out of the house! And it did this several times! Even worse was if someone came over while it was completing the cycle and the house smelled. Oh, it was aggravating!

But I am happy to report that with the CatGenie 60, the only smells we get are the mild scent that the Unscented Cartridges put out. We started with the Scented cartridges, but they are pretty strong (we aren’t big potpourri or spray deodorizer fans, either), so we ultimately began ordering the Unscented. Those aren’t “unscented” really as there is a fresh, light deodorizing smell. However, it’s not obnoxious at all.

My recommendation for you? I would say that because you are in another country and because you don’t have easy warranty or maintenance access, you would likely do better with the Litter-Robot. The first reason is that the CatGenie 60 is no longer available, and only the 120 can be purchased. I simply don’t trust that model enough to recommend it to anyone, based on my experience. The second reason is that you will have to purchase more SaniSolution and plastic litter over time, and shipping to Singapore will likely be costly.

If you get the Litter-Robot, you will only need to buy clumping litter as needed. Of course, you’ll have to regularly remove the waste bag in the bottom storage bin, but that is still a relatively trouble-free way to keep the litter box clean. 🙂

Update: Months later, the CatGenie let me down again — with raw sewage all over the utility room floor — and so I purchased another Litter-Robot. I liked the idea of the CatGenie, but for whatever reason, it has stopped working properly for me, and I can’t deal with the results. Even though I now have to empty the Litter-Robot’s bin every week or so (not a big deal!), it is much preferable to the CatGenie’s finickiness. I can wholeheartedly recommend any of the Litter-Robot models over the CatGenie.

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