SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

When I first heard that SCOTTEVEST was releasing a sport coat, I didn’t know what to think. I did, however, know that I wanted one. There’s no big surprise there, considering the fact that I wear something from the company pretty much each and every day. I’m grateful to SeV’s Scott Jordan for giving me the opportunity to review one of their new SeV sport coats!

I have worn the review sample at various times for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve worn it with jeans and boots one day and with dress pants and a tie another. I did this because I wanted to see if anyone would realize I was wearing something that “isn’t your ordinary sport coat”. They didn’t, and I mean that only in the best way. Let me explain, and let’s take a quick look at the SeV Sport Coat.

SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

From SeV:

Business? Casual? Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line, but the SeV Sport Coat will ensure you look sharp wherever you go. This jacket instantly takes your appearance up a notch, and your pocket count up two dozen notches… yes, our sport coat conceals 24 pockets engineered for everything you’ll need for a trip across the city or across the ocean. Don’t let the high-quality blend fabric and traditional three-button tailoring fool you, this sport coat is unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. The difference is inside.

iPhone®, Blackberry®, wallet, keys, passports, tickets, camera and even an iPad® fit in the sport coat (and we’re just getting warmed up). Subtle and secret pockets abound, including a document-sized pocket in the small of the back, accessible only from the interior. James Bond would approve… in fact, he’d probably ask who your tailor is. And because this jacket is an article of clothing, it is not subject to airline rules and regulations no matter how many travel essentials you fill it with (if you’re not the “travel light” type); extra bag and carry-on fees never apply to SCOTTEVESTs. The Weight Management System with NoBulge™ pocket design keeps the line of the suit from being distorted by items in your pockets, and we have specially modified our TravelSmartSystem™ of travel-oriented pockets to work with the jacket’s unique engineering and classic shape. The SeV Sport Coat is available in Black and Dark Gray, made of a Teflon®-treated blend fabric. Go straight from the plane to the presentation with the SeV Sport Coat. Dry Clean only.

SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

The sport coat comes in any color you want, so long as that color is either black or dark gray. Because these are more formal garments they don’t simply come in sizes small, medium, large or extra-large. Instead they come in traditional suit coat sizes. As such, the review sample came in a black, 42 long.

The jacket came in a familiar SCOTTEVEST plastic bag. Inside was the jacket and the company’s current catalog. [Side note: On a few of the pages you can find Judie modeling a variety of items.] When I pulled the jacket out of the bag I was immediately impressed by both the material and the construction. When Scott set out to create this jacket he didn’t turn to his usual suppliers, but rather turned to someone who actually has experience creating business attire. After all, a suit manufacturer is going to be the best person to create a suit jacket, aren’t they?

I put a jacket on, and it fit perfectly right off the bat. It’s a three button design and feels very comfortable in the shoulders and across the back. My wife Elana immediately commented on how nice color, build and fit were.

It is worth noting that the jacket is treated with Teflon, so that is water and stain resistant.

SCOTTEVEST SeV Sport Coat Review

When you are wearing the jacket it looks like any other sport coat — even though it is not like any other sport coat. It’s ability to go incognito means you can wear this suit coat in any setting where a jacket is required, and no one will know that you’re carrying a host of items with you.

Inside you’ll find 24 pockets. As is the case with the gorgeous XAE 10th Anniversary Edition Leather Jacket, Scott decided not to include a touch-through panel for your iPhone since it would not look quite right in a sport coat. Similarly, they didn’t include the plastic headphone cord holders that can be used for the “quick release” method of wiring earbuds into the jacket. These features would have clashed with the more formal design and look of the garment. Kept however, were the earbud loops that hold the headphones in place. I think that was an excellent choice since it makes keeping your headphones accessible but hidden quite simple and practical.

The coat also has the company’s patented iPad PadPocket for holding your iPad on the go. I actually tested out carrying my iPod in the jacket, and no one seemed to notice that it was there. 🙂

Of course, there are a host of different pockets that are built into the sport coat — 24 in all. I experimented with carrying a number of different items in the jacket and found that, although you would not want to load down this sport coat the way you might one of SeV’s winter jackets, the flexibility offered by the assorted pockets is terrific.

In all, I’m really impressed by this sport coat and think it’s a great move for the company to make as they continue to rapidly expand their portfolio. The coat is designed so that you can use it the way you would any traditional sport coat, but you also get the added flexibility that comes with the company’s unique style and design. I know that I’ll be getting quite a bit of use out of this sport coat and am thinking about purchasing one of the great ones to fill out my wardrobe.

Add in the fact that I’ve paid far more than the coat’s MSRP of $200 for sport coats that don’t have the special qualities of this one, and I think it is a great item at a fair price.

Here’s a video of Scott showing off the sport coat.

All the details, more pictures and the cool SeV X-Ray view can be found here on the product page on the SCOTTEVEST web site.

MSRP: $200

What I Like: Nice material and great build quality; fits great; tons of hidden pockets make it easy to carry a great deal without anyone knowing it and without needing an additional bag

What Needs Improvement: Only available in black and dark gray

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