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Is There Anything You Can’t Do in an Apple Store?!

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Is There Anything You Can't Do in an Apple Store?!

Sure, there are always people hanging around checking their email and surfing the web at the Apple Store. And apparently, they’re fairly permissive about small dogs and other pets. But one comedian, Mark Malkoff, really wanted to see how far he could push Apple retail and videotaped some of his more entertaining attempts to push the envelope.

These were really funny, but trust me when I tell you there are some sure-fire ways to get kicked out of an Apple Store, or any retail store, but they wouldn’t be as funny to videotape. But here’s a few easy ones:

1) Determine that since the bathroom isn’t easily located, any public area counts.

2) Pull out a flask and explain you don’t need the amaretto syrup in your drink, you brought your own.

3) Tell the employee that offers you help that you need assistance in removing the ghost attached to your leg.

Any tips on how to push Apple too far? Anything you wish Mark had tried? Most importantly, do you have a story or video of doing something wacky in an Apple Store? Send it to us and we’ll share it with the world!

Via Buzzfeed

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