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Random Cool Video: Stephen Colbert Drops the Schtick in Jobs Tribute

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Random Cool Video: Stephen Colbert Drops the Schtick in Jobs Tribute

Stephen Colbert has earned a huge audience and enormous success as a satirist starting with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and now on his own Colbert Report, both on Comedy Central. He also famously flaunted the as-yet unreleased iPad on the Grammy Awards back in 2010.

In a post over at TechCrunch, they have a chunk of video from the latest Colbert Report in which he memorializes Steve Jobs … or more to the point he looks at it in what it has meant TO HIM. He steps through begging for iPhone and iPad, gloating about having them, the Grammy show, and so on.

But at the end of the clip he changes tone dramatically as he notes that he actually got an email from Jobs the day after the Grammy awards, and then replied right on camera. It was a clip that was funny, but the ending was touching and left the audience in complete silence.

The clip made it clear that in spite of everything else, Colbert had strong feelings about Jobs, Apple and the passing of a legend.

That is why there has been so much coverage these last couple of days – from the very start, Apple has been about PERSONAL technology, about ‘delighting users’ before it became a corporate buzzword. Apple took a world that was marching to the ‘functionality’ beat, and changed it to focus on the user experience. There is a reason that so many Apple fans are so very loyal, and it is NOT because they are ‘stupid’, ‘sheep’, or ‘uninformed’ as so many Windows users in the 90’s and Android users today would have you think:

It is because Apple products invite a personal relationship with technology in a way few others have ever managed.

So to further remember Jobs for that major impact on PERSONAL technology, we thought it would be a great idea to go through OUR OWN history with Apple products. Please chime in with yours in the comments, and I will add my own in there as well!

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