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Andrea’s SuperBeam Phones On-Ear Headphones Go “Boom-less”

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Andrea's SuperBeam Phones On-Ear Headphones Go "Boom-less"


I’ve used a number of Andrea headphones for voice recognition in the past, and I’ve always been impressed. The company’s SuperBeam Phones are a departure from previous models, and I’m really loving the design choices that went into creating them. They are sleek on-ear headphones that drop the microphone boom, but still offer great voice quality.


Here’s what the company has to say about them:

SuperBeam headsets deliver Hi-Definition sound. Our unique integrated array microphone system is designed for use with Andrea’s patented beam forming and digital noise reduction audio software, providing “The Freedom of Voice”. SuperBeam also provides a new audio capture feature, enabling 3D surround sound recording!

Advantages of the new SuperBeam computer headsets:

Sleek “boom free” design with digital noise cancellation technology
Increased convenience, no need to constantly manually position boom microphone for proper close talking operation.

Look more natural during video chat with no boom in front of your mouth and the ability to eat and drink during conversation/chat operation.

The headphones are $149.99 and can be ordered directly from the company website. We have a pair on the way for review and look forward to sharing our thoughts with you soon.

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